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Sep 17, 2020

For many of us, the thought of a referral-based business sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t need to be. We can create a predictable income stream from referrals if we learn the formula to do it.


Recommending our businesses can take more effort than we sometimes realize. If we want to benefit from more regular referrals, we have to understand what motivates people to give them in the first place. 


What makes people more likely to suggest our services to others? Which actions do we need to be more consistent with to increase our chances of referrals? 


In this episode, Monica Weakley, Founder of My Coach, Monica, returns to share her formula for more referrals. 


It takes some effort for somebody to give a referral, so you have to get them to want to be a part of that. -Monica Weakley


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to increase our likelihood of referrals:

Be personable and professional. For someone to refer our services, they need to be genuinely invested in our success and absolutely certain that we will deliver. 


How to become likable in the eyes of potential referees:

People are more likely to refer those they have personal relationships with, so show up for them. Simply liking their Facebook posts or reaching out for a personal conversation is a great way to build the right connections. 



What to post on social media to encourage more referral business:

Only posting jokes online won’t let anyone know we’re open for business, while exclusively business-related posts won’t make us likable. Strike a balance and alternate content.



Guest Bio: Monica Weakley is the Founder of My Coach, Monica. After spending 18 years as an agent, Monica has spent the last 3 helping salespeople grow their businesses through relationships. She also helps agents overcome their fears of social media through GhostPostr, a membership program designed to make Facebook posting easier.


To find out more about Monica and GhostPostr, head to: 


To contact Greg, head to:

Or call or text him on 925 915 1978


And to get a copy of Matt’s book, head to:

Sep 10, 2020

Building a social media presence is a vital part of a successful real estate business, but many of us shy away from it. What’s stopping us from posting consistently and making the most of everything online platforms have to offer? 

For many agents, the reluctance comes from simply not knowing what to post. 

How can we create content that resonates with our audiences and ultimately brings us business, and what do those posts look like? Can we bring attention to our craft without coming off as annoying and salesy?

In this episode, Monica Weakley, Founder of My Coach, Monica, shares the 3 posts agents need to master. 


Don't let your fear of social media be the reason you don't succeed. -Monica Weakley


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What makes real estate engagement surveys so effective 
    When it comes to real estate, everyone has an opinion, so take advantage of that. Post questions asking the audience what they think about interior design and different types of homes to get a conversation started. 
  • How to leverage our industry expertise
    As real estate professionals, we often forget that not everyone knows as much about the industry as we do. Use social media to inform the audience. 
  • How to create funny content that brings attention to our services 
    Everyone likes to laugh, so it’s important to share some lighthearted posts alongside industry knowledge. Bad MLS photos and details of failed inspections are a great way to keep the audience amused while reminding them we’re in the real estate space.


Guest Bio

Monica Weakley is the Founder of My Coach, Monica. She is passionate about real estate, and prior to entering the coaching space, she was the owner and lead agent of The Weakly Team. She was also Team Leader at Keller Williams Advisors’ market center for 5 years, where she trained agents to build successful businesses of their own. Today, Monica helps agents overcome their fears of social media through GhostPostr, a platform designed to make Facebook posting easier. 


To find out more about Monica and GhostPostr, head to: 


To contact Greg, head to:

Or call or text him on 925 915 1978


And to get a copy of Matt’s book, head to:

Sep 3, 2020

Housing is extremely important both for the economy and for social impact, but many middle and low-income earners simply don’t have the money to make down payments on their dream homes. This stops them from taking the first step towards home ownership. 


That being said, there is more than enough assistance available for prospective home buyers without the means to make a deposit. We just need to know where to look. 


Where can agents find down payment assistance programs for their clients? What’s holding us back from making our customers’ dreams a reality? 


In this episode, Founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource, Rob Chrane shares how to find help for our clients. 


Empower your customers with the knowledge that down payment assistance exists. -Rob Chrane


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How knowing what help is available keeps house hunting realistic

Knowing exactly what kind of assistance our buyers qualify for helps eliminate the risk of showing them homes they won’t be able to afford. Stay up-to-date with what’s on the table to manage expectations and avoid disappointment. 


How agents and LOs can work together to help the client

By letting our mortgage partners know which programs our clients qualify for, we can work together to ensure the buyer gets the best help possible. The great thing is once we pass the relevant information along, our LO does most of the heavy lifting.


How to overcome the reluctance of looking into assistance programs

Many agents hold back from exploring down payment programs because it’s a complex process, but it doesn’t need to be. By narrowing down our focus and developing a specialty, we can get the best assistance for our ideal clients.


Guest Bio

Rob Chrane is the Founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource. He has over 3 decades of experience as a top producer in the real estate and mortgage finance industries. Rob is passionate about helping eligible home buyers buy eligible properties using hard-to-find down payment programs, and started Down Payment Resource after being frustrated that there was so much money available to buyers, but so little public information. Rob is a volunteer leader in community housing organizations, and has worked on a number of Habitat for Humanity Homes. 


To find out more about Rob, head to:

You can also call or text him on 404 272 7054

Or email him at



To connect with Gene, head to

To contact Greg call or text him on 925 915 1978

And for more on Matt, go to

Aug 27, 2020

The next 18 months are sure to pose massive challenges to agents, so we need to think wisely about our next moves. Is now the time to look into multifamily, and how do we get started if we’ve only done single-family residential transactions up until now? 


The shift from residential to commercial real estate isn’t an easy one, but it’s certainly doable if we build a decent track record in our areas. How do we establish a stellar reputation when we’re new to the space?


As with all real estate, the multifamily sector depends on strong personal relationships. If we want to make the jump, we have to start by building close connections with the right people.


In this episode, CEO and Founder of Kingly Acquisitions, Ronny Philip shares how he entered multifamily and scaled his business to epic proportions.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Which asset classes offer the highest return to new investors

Start by choosing an asset class to work with. Classes B and C tend to offer the best opportunities to investors because they’re older properties used by both blue and white-collar workers. 


How to prepare for the shift from residential real estate

Before investing in a multifamily, join a commercial team and learn more about the business. This will teach us transferable skills that better prepare us for the next step.


How to establish rapport with brokers

Multifamily complexes are always handled by more than one broker, so it’s important to connect with as many as possible. Head to top brokerages and build strong relationships to benefit from more opportunities.


Guest Bio


Ronny Philip is the CEO and Founder of The Kingly Group and Kingly Acquisitions. Ronny started his career in traditional real estate, but after discovering his passion for commercial real estate investing, he hasn’t looked back since. Ronny is the host of The Ronny Philip Show on Youtube. 


To find out more, head to: 

To find out more about Gene, head to:


And to connect with Greg, head to:

Aug 20, 2020

The world as we know it is changing, and Youtube vloggers have become the new rockstars. The great thing is anyone can become a Youtuber, and agents can use the platform to take their businesses to the next level. 


If we want to use Youtube to generate extraordinary results, we can’t settle for sharing generic content that doesn’t come from the heart. To make the most of everything the platform offers, we have to aim to become the newest sensation. 


With so many other Youtubers churning out content regularly, how can we stand out to the audience? Is there a set formula that can turn any average Joe into a vlogging superstar? 


In this episode, host of Coffee with ADIKA Live, Stefan Adika shares how to become the next big thing on Youtube. 


Create the habit of posting everyday, and be consistent using a formula that works for you. -Stefan Adika


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • How agents can create high quality content
    Many real estate professionals are fairly technically challenged, but that doesn’t need to stop us from creating the content people want to see. Use an app like iMovie to make professional-looking videos that can be easily shared with the audience. 

  • Why being ourselves is the best way to grow an audience
    A major part of Youtube’s appeal is its ability to let audiences connect to real people with real stories. If we want to make an impact, we have to share our unique personalities with our viewers. 

  • The key to success is believing in ourselves 
    Don’t be deterred by a small audience early on in the process. It’s more important to stay consistent and authentic. Over time, we’ll gain more subscribers who are drawn to our content.



Guest Bio


Stefan Adika is the host of Coffee Talk with ADIKA Live, a Youtube morning show dedicated to making viewers start their day with laughter. He is also a California Realtor, passionate about helping people find their piece of paradise. Prior to becoming a Youtube sensation, Stefan was a touring bassist for over 2 decades. 


To find out more, go to:


Links mentioned in this episode:


To contact Greg, call or text him on 925 915 1978 or find him on Facebook at


To get a free copy of Matt’s book, head to


And to find out more about Gene, go to

Aug 13, 2020

Real estate professionals are famously bad at social media, but if we want big results, we can’t do it without an online presence . Most agents simply don’t have the time to engage on social media, or we’re intimidated by it, so we end up sharing generic material or posting in our spare time. 


This leads to inconsistency, and in the social media world, that spells disaster.


Is there a way for agents to connect with the audience more regularly without spending hours in front of our screens? How can we juggle effective engagement with our existing schedules?


In this episode, CEO of Sphere Rocket, Justin Nelson shares how busy agents can boost their social media engagement, and the incredible results he gets from social media. 


Don’t hold off on posting content because you don’t have phenomenal content. Consistency is everything, and average is better than nothing. -Justin Nelson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


The importance of getting personal 
Using social media to post about our latest transaction may seem like a good idea, but it’s a huge mistake. The audience wants to see us being human, so stop sharing mountains of boring, real estate-specific content and share a raw glimpse of real life.


How to maximize engagement without spending all day online
Consistency is the key to social media success, but that takes time. Instead of trying to do everything alone, hire a virtual assistant to manage social media platforms, post content, and engage with the audience.


How to stay authentic when a virtual assistant handles our social media
Just because a virtual assistant is posting our content, doesn’t mean we’re not involved in the creative process. Write up a long list of reusable content that can be easily shared by a VA, without losing it’s personal touch.

Aug 6, 2020

Many agents spend a ton of time and money searching for the top CRM, but the truth is there isn’t one ‘best’ offering. Instead of looking for the perfect software, we need to work with what we’ve already got.


Still, many of us would benefit from more user-friendly CRMs. Is there a way to create an easier flow between all our systems so we see better results?


There may not be a superior CRM on the market, but we can amplify what our existing operating systems do by using the right middleware. 


In this episode, Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Synch, Scott Sillari shares how Real Synch’s technology creates integration to save agents time and hassle. 


You will never find all the features you want in one CRM, and that’s why you should look into integrative platforms like Real Synch. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to eliminate human error when entering data on multiple systems
When we manually enter information across multiple systems, we risk making some mistakes. Implement an integrative tool like Real Synch to automate tasks and avoid wasting time on double data entry and potentially dealing with mistakes later on.


How integration technology creates convenience 
Save time by installing a Real Synch plugin on Gmail. This lets agents enter information on the CRM, without needing to leave their email. 


Why we need to give up on the idea of an ideal CRM
With new technology being developed so frequently, there will never be a CRM that does everything we need. Before changing operating systems, ask whether we’re facing real challenges with the software. If not, don’t waste resources trying to learn something new.

Jul 30, 2020

It’s normal to have ideas about what we can and can’t do, but often those theories do more harm than good. The stories we tell ourselves about our abilities have the power to hold us back. 


Storytelling is human nature, so not only agents fall into the trap. Luckily for us, stories can always be rewritten.


How can we start telling the types of stories that encourage us to keep pushing for great results? Can we get our clients to rethink the narratives they’ve told themselves about their ideal homes?


In this episode, co-owner of, Byron Van Arsdale shares how to reframe the stories we tell ourselves. 


Once we acknowledge that our self-limiting beliefs are stories we tell ourselves, we give ourselves the opportunity to rewrite them. -Byron Van Arsdale


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Why we need to stop framing rejection as a closed chapter

Rejection isn’t the end of a discussion, it’s the start of one. When clients seem unimpressed with one or two features of a home, ask how they’d get around the obstacle. Even if their own stories suggest they can’t move past it, asking the right questions can get them to rethink that. 


How to stop worrying about self-imposed limitations

Stop obsessing about what we might not know and start thinking about the client’s needs. Even those new to real estate will see great results by focusing on the transaction itself. 


The importance of listening more and talking less

Instead of going into appointments trying to showcase everything we know about a property and real estate in general, ask questions. Our job is to get clients closer to their dream, but we can only do that when we know what the dream is. 



Guest Bio

Byron Van Arsdale is the co-owner of He is a Master Certified Coach and communication specialist with over two decades of experience as a business and real estate professionals coach. In addition to coaching, Byron is the author of No More Lame Conference Calls, as well as audio training programs including Executive Conference Call Leadership, 16 Secrets to a Great Conference Call, and 19 Best Practices of Teleclass Leadership, among others. Byron is also the CEO of Lead Great Meetings and Managing Director at, LLC. 


To find out more about Byron, head to:


Books mentioned on this episode:

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz


To contact Greg, send him a DM on Facebook


And to get a copy of Microfamous, head to


Jul 23, 2020

Given everything that’s happened in 2020 so far, many of have slipped into a low-grade depression. Since the start of quarantine, social media has become a battleground fuelled by negativity. Luckily, as some businesses start to reopen, there are opportunities to start sharing good news on our platforms once again.

That being said, most of us are still holding onto what our lives used to look like, which makes things even harder. 

How can we pull ourselves out of the daze? How can we recreate a sense of normalcy in these abnormal times? In this episode, we share how we can pull ourselves out of the daze and adapt to the new normal. 


Maintain a sense of normalcy by replicating the feeling of a productive space in your home. - Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to stay active
Gyms closing doesn’t mean we have to neglect our fitness. Take regular walks and runs around the neighborhood to boost positivity and expel some energy.


How to create a workspace at home 
Many of us used to enjoy working from offices or coffee shops, but that option may no longer be available to us. We can replicate those productive spaces by researching what they look like and building a similar setup in our own homes. 


The importance of consuming the right content
Listening to educational podcasts can help us get our minds back into business mode. By rethinking the present situation, we can channel our energy into creativity.

Jul 10, 2020

Don’t be fooled by mainstream news reports that claim the markets are doing well, we’re on the cusp of a global recession like we’ve never seen before. That being said, this doesn’t need to be an obstacle: if we learn to think like the wealthy, we can turn this into an opportunity.


Where should we be looking to invest our money right now, and what should we be avoiding? Is now the time to play it safe, or should we use this time to be creative?


There is so much we don’t know about how money works, so it’s up to us to stop relying on traditional sources of information and look for knowledge ourselves.


In this episode, investor and money mentor, Chris Naugle shares his predictions for our money in 2020, and how to take back control of our finances. 


A lot of people are scared to get into real estate, but it’s the best place to put your money right now. -Chris Naugle


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Avoid the markets
    It’s not wise to invest in stocks right now. Instead, look for alternative places to put money. Real estate is always a good option; look into single family units and rentals. 

  • Consider the trends
    Brick and mortar businesses have already become something of the past, so be mindful of this before investing in commercial property. However, there are opportunities for these spaces to be used in new ways, such as converting malls into housing. 

  • Take back control
    Everything we’ve been taught about money revolves around giving up our control. We need to take back control and stop giving other people power over our finances. We can do this by paying ourselves first.


Guest Bio

Chris Naugle is America’s #1 Money Mentor. He is the co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, founder of The Money School and Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier. Chris is an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, and hosts the Real Estate Money School Podcast. He is also the host of HGTV’s Risky Builders, and author of The Private Money Guide and Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery


To find out more about Chris, head to: 


Books mentioned on this episode:

Change the Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking by Kathryn D. Cramer and Hank Wasiak


Jul 2, 2020

Video has been the most popular content on the internet for years now, so anyone who hasn’t taken advantage of the medium yet needs to get started as soon as possible. While it’s natural to feel nervous sharing content at first, remember that confidence grows with time.


Video puts us in front of our audience better than any other medium, helping us build trust with potential clients over time and build a social media following. However, that following doesn’t have to stay online.


How can we use video and social media to build offline relationships? What are the unintended consequences of sharing our truths online?


In this episode, Florida Realtor and social media powerhouse, Stevie Hahn shares how to build offline friendships using online platforms. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Nurture over time

Social media is a great way to nurture relationships over the long term. When our followers are constantly seeing videos of us, we’re more likely to be top of mind when they need our services. What we do now will impact us in 6 months time. 


Be consistently authentic

Often, what holds people back from sharing video content is the fear of not looking or sounding perfect. However, what draws people to us is our authenticity. As long as we post consistently and stay true to ourselves in our videos, our audience will stay engaged with us. 


Take it offline

Social media is a great way to create connections with people, but those relationships don’t have to stay online. Reach out to the people interacting with the content we share and make plans to see them in person. This shows the audience that we’re real people and offers a great networking opportunity. 


Guest Bio

Stevie Hahn is a Realtor at Exit Real Estate Gallery and a social media powerhouse. She has been featured on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation, and has been voted the #3 Realtor in Jacksonville on social media. Stevie specializes in providing her clients with a responsive, stress-free, VIP-style experience.


To find out more about Stevie, head to:


Resources mentioned on this episode:

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Jun 30, 2020

Social media can be positive and negative all at the same time; it all depends on how we choose to use it.


The interactions we have online often affect our offline lives and sometimes, not for the right reasons. For some, the obvious response to online disagreements would be switching off our devices. That said, many would argue that even switching off doesn’t allow us to fully disengage. 


Is it possible to run a business in the 21st century without having an online presence? Can we stay omnipresent to our audiences without being completely consumed by social media?


Given how relatively new social media is, we don’t know the long-term positive or negative effects it could have on us. 


On this episode, Australia’s #1 real estate coach, Glenn Twiddle returns to share how to use social media without losing our souls.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Choose to see the positive side of any situation; this is a conscious decision we need to make.
  • Stay in front of the audience. Even if we are concerned about the effects of social media, it’s still one of the best ways to market our businesses.
  • Hire someone to monitor social media engagement, so we’re still present without being overly consumed ourselves. 


Guest Bio

Glenn Twiddle is the #1 real estate coach in Australia. He offers agents a ‘step-by-step, fill in the blanks’ system for becoming the top real estate agent in their area in 3 years or less. Glenn is also the CEO of Total Success Summit- a premiere marketing, sales, motivation and business event in Australia which has featured guests including Arnold Schwarzennegger, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and other high-profile personalities in recent years. 


To find out more about Glenn, heado:

Jun 26, 2020

Most of us are still in the process of digesting everything that’s happened in 2020. While we may not know what the future holds at this point, one thing’s for sure: we need to take this opportunity to create better habits for ourselves.


How can we start cultivating the right routines? Journaling to acknowledge what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong is one way to do it. 


It takes 66 days to create a new habit, so the best time to get started is right now. 


In this episode, international bestselling author, Marki Lemons-Ryhal shares how to change our habits for the better in 66 days.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Ask what went right

Everyday, write down the positive steps taken. These include documenting our morning routines, how we prospected for new business and what we did to differentiate ourselves.


Ask what went wrong

No matter how successful our days have been, there will always be something that goes wrong. Acknowledge those moments, so they don’t need to be repeated.


Keep learning

Cultivate the habit of continuous learning. This isn’t always easy, especially when there is so much new information everyday. Stay informed by enrolling in ‘Youtube university’ or even by asking people questions on specialist Facebook groups. 



Guest Bio

Marki Lemons-Ryhal is a global virtual keynote speaker and presenter, and the international bestselling author of The Modern Real Estate Professionals Guide to Success. She is also the host of the Social Selling Made Simple podcast. Marki is passionate about providing real estate professionals with social media education and strategies. She holds an MBA degree from Saint Xavier University, as well as over 50 certifications, designations and licenses in social media and real estate. 


To find out more about Marki, head to:

Jun 23, 2020

If we go looking for our ideal client, but don’t create the environment that attracts and keeps them, we have no one to blame but ourselves. To become ‘Tom Cruise famous’ to the right people, we have to create the ideal client in our minds and speak directly to them.


To be MicroFamous in our markets, we have to find ways to differentiate ourselves, while staying authentic to who we are. It’s not enough to have our names known, we have to be recognized for what sets us apart.


How can we attract and keep our ideal clients, long after our first transaction with them? What information do we need to share with the world to build a MicroFamous persona?


In this episode, Australia’s #1 millionaire real estate coach, Glenn Twiddle returns to the show to discuss how to get MicroFamous.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Exude the right energy

Becoming MicroFamous doesn’t happen overnight; we have to consistently put the right energy into the world. Give without expecting anything in return. We never know who is talking about the good deeds we do or value we offer; ultimately, it will come back to us.


Be authentic

Consumers can tell when agents are being caring because they want something in return. If we aren’t personally interested in forming deeply emotional attachments with our community, that’s fine; we just need to find something else to hang our hats on. 


Don’t over-share

While we may think being authentic requires us to share every part of ourselves, that’s not the case. Remember that our ideal clients want to get to know who we are and what we stand for in the shortest time possible. Don’t share anything unrelated to the ideal client; over-sharing actually does them a disservice. 



Guest Bio

Glenn Twiddle is Australia’s #1 millionaire real estate coach. Glenn teaches agents a ‘step-by-step, fill in the blanks’ system for becoming the top real estate agent in their area in 3 years or less. He is also the CEO of Total Success Summit, a premiere event for marketing, sales, motivation, business and Total Success in Australia. 


To find out more about Glenn, heado: 


Books mentioned on this episode:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vaynerchuck

Jun 18, 2020

Our mornings set the tone for the rest of our day, so we need to make sure we’re setting them up the right way. Rushing through the morning only causes us to arrive at the office feeling panicked and stressed before the day has even started.


How can we create a more effective morning routine that paves the way for success? 


With a more effective routine, we can spend more time with our loved ones and boost our productivity at work.


On this episode, co-author of The Miracle Morning for Salespeople, Ryan Snow shares why it’s important to establish an effective morning routine and how to do it.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Write it down

Journaling is an extremely important component of a successful morning routine. We can’t just keep ideas, thoughts and problems in our heads; by writing them down, we use more of our senses to acknowledge what’s going on in our lives.


It’s okay to be reluctant

A lot of us are hesitant to incorporate journaling or meditation into our morning routines and that’s okay. We all have things we’re not comfortable with. However, we have to ensure we don’t avoid them altogether. Often, the activities we’re not comfortable with are the ones we would get the most out of.


Take control

While it may seem insignificant to acknowledge the challenges we’re experiencing, there is power in facing our demons head-on. Doing so either allows us to take control of the situation, or helps us to realize that it’s out of our hands, and not worth our time to worry about.  


Guest Bio

Ryan Snow is a #1 Bestselling author, sales leader, business coach and teacher at heart. With over seven years of experience in a classroom and many more as a business coach, Ryan is passionate about helping people achieve amazing results in sales and in life through personal and professional development. Ryan is the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Salespeople.


To find out more about Ryan, head to:


Books and links mentioned on this episode:

The Star Principle by Richard Koch

Calm App

Peloton App

Jun 16, 2020

So many agents live by the idea that ‘buyers are liars,’ so instead of servicing them, they focus all their energies on listings instead. But for those of us who don’t follow that logic, there are massive opportunities. 


Where can we find buyers, and how can we offer them value without spending weeks on end showing them house after house? The truth is, we shouldn’t be showing buyers that many properties in the first place; by asking the right questions, we can narrow down the search from the start.


The key to being a successful buyer’s agent lies in growing our knowledge and expanding our network to build relationships with everyone from clients to competitors.


On this episode, Founder at PorchLight, Mark Pattison shares how to build a successful business by focusing on buyers.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Find a niche

To have success as a buyers agent, we have to niche down. Focus on a small, tight-knit community. By serving one group, we can get more referrals.


Ask the right questions

Ask buyers open-ended questions, focused on uncovering the client’s ‘why,’ and be sure to write down what they say. This ensures we find exactly what the client wants and needs, without spending weeks or even months showing them an endless list of unsuitable properties. 


Keep learning

We can only bring our clients value if we’re well-informed of industry trends. Keep building onto existing knowledge and take notes wherever possible. Remember, information is money. 



Guest Bio


Mark Pattison is the Founder of PorchLight. After graduating with honors from Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University, Mark went on to work for  a number of prestigious brands before deciding to enter the world of real estate. Marks has an extensive real estate background and insider’s knowledge of San Diego.


To find out more about Mark, visit:


You can also find him on instagram at @MarkSellsSanDiego


Links mentioned on this episode:

Jun 9, 2020

With all that’s happened in 2020, it’s easy to slip into a negative mindset, but to come out smiling on the other side, we have to stop allowing ourselves to be victims and start being the victors. We are in control of our lives and we can choose to be optimistic.


We can’t change the fact that the world is changing, but we can actively decide to change with it. Let’s use this time to reinvent ourselves, while having fun doing it.


How can we create a more positive mindset amidst the craziness?


On this episode, Broker/Owner of Network Team Homes Realty and Executive Distributor at SendOutCards, Gayle Zientek shares how to cultivate a stronger mindset. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


Adapt to the new normal

It’s easy to spiral into a negative mindset if we think about all the changes going on in our world, but we can choose to look past them. Instead of looking at where the puck was, we can look at where it’s going and move forward.

Be authentic

We can achieve so much by being true to ourselves. When we do the things that make us happy, it shows up in all aspects of our lives, so we can be holistically successful. 


Stop injecting negativity

Watching mainstream news and surrounding ourselves with negative people makes a huge impact on our mindsets. Stop allowing bad influences that get us down into our lives. This can be difficult, but it’s all worth it in the long term. 



Guest Bio

Gayle Zientek is a Real Estate Broker Associate with eXp Realty and the Broker/Owner of Network Team Homes Realty in Portage, Michigan. After opening her brokerage alongside her husband in 2012, Gayle was named Realtor of the Year in 2017 by the Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors. Gayle is also an Executive Distributor for SendOutCards, and was named Distributor of the Year by the company in 2016. She is also a national speaker and the Chief Appreciation Officer for Lab Coat Agents. 


To find out more about Gayle, head to:

Jun 4, 2020

If COVID-19 has taught agents anything over the past few months, it’s that we have to do what it takes to stay relevant, and the best way to be relevant is by creating video content. 


Some agents are still too scared to appear on video, but it’s time to get rid of the fear. We have to start embracing who we are if we want to make a name for ourselves in our markets. 


Video is non-negotiable for success, so how can we ease into making videos if we’re new to the space? 


On this episode, founder of DigitalNatives Inc and The ZillowKiller brand, James Rembert shares how to get more comfortable on camera. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Take baby steps

Agents new to being on camera are understandably nervous, so start small. Instead of creating hours of content, start with short, one-minute videos. 


Stick with what we know

The best way to get comfortable with being on camera is by speaking about the things we know best. The great thing is, this doesn’t need to be related to our business, just talk about the things we enjoy and know a lot about.


Stick to one channel

When starting out on video, it’s a good idea to pick one channel and post to it consistently. Don’t try to post on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; pick one and use it frequently. 

Guest Bio

James Rembert is the Founder of DigitalNatives Inc and The Zillowkiller brand. James began his journey as a licensed Realtor in New Jersey, and has since built a thriving boutique advertising agency in Philadelphia that caters exclusively to the real estate industry nationwide. James is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and is the creator of the HyperLocal Domination online course. 


To find out more about James, head to:

And to sign up for his next ZILLOWKILLER Bootcamp, visit:

Jun 2, 2020

With more people working from home than ever before, those who haven’t adjusted to the new normal struggle with getting into work routines and being productive. It can be incredibly challenging to maintain the same level of productivity and effectiveness without the traditional work structures many people function in. 


Being away from the office doesn’t have to mean sacrificing how well we work, we can still maintain the structures by replicating them in the virtual world. 


How can we perform at the same level virtually as we did in a physical office space, and what tools do we employ? In this episode, integrative productivity expert and CEO/Founder of The Limitless Collaborative, Angela Kristen Taylor joins us. She talks about her new project and how it’s helping people work better virtually. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How our emotions impact our effectiveness 

Productivity is rooted in emotion and how we feel on the inside directly correlates to how we perform on the outside. For many people, the stress of commuting to work is actually internally draining. By removing that, we can reduce stress, improve our emotional state and raise our productivity. 


Ways to replicate the accountability of the office 

If you’re used to showing up in the office where there are specific roles, functions and ways of functioning, it can be hard to have the accountability of showing up to work, or to get in the zone for work. However, it’s not impossible to adjust to a new way of doing things. 


Why virtual doesn’t need to be an inferior working experience 

Working virtually doesn’t have to be a lesser experience or a downgrade. For most people transitioning from a physical office space, the worry is not having the same feeling of support and community. You can still have that support structure virtually by leveraging digital tools. 



Guest Bio

Angela Kristen Taylor is an integrative productivity expert, CEO & Founder of The Limitless Collaborative at Productive Souls, Author, and Speaker. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome chaos so they can create the life and business they want. Visit for more information.

May 28, 2020

We are living in strange times, and a lot of agents are concerned about what the future of the real estate industry will look like. While no one knows for sure what the future holds, one thing is certain: there are still massive opportunities available to us in real estate. How can we keep doing business amidst the craziness and what should we be preparing for once COVID-19 comes to an end? To stay successful in real estate, we have to be willing to move with the times and adapt where necessary. On this episode, author and coach Jason Morris shares how to stay ahead of the curve in real estate. Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode - There’s never been a better time to make calls. Most of our competition isn’t picking up the phone, despite more people having time to take calls; take advantage of this period. - To stay successful, it’s vital we move with the times.The real estate industry isn’t coming to a close, it’s adapting, so we have to adapt with it. - Start finding effective ways to show houses in the future. Even after COVID-19 has passed, people will be hesitant to attend open houses; start working on a virtual solution now. Guest Bio Jason Morris is a Myrtle Beach real estate agent with eXp Realty. He is also a coach and the Founder of Jason Morris Group. Jason is the author of How to Be a FSBO Master. He is passionate about helping agents build businesses that work for them, so they can take back control of their lives and incomes. To find out more about Jason, head to: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Back episodes and other content:

May 26, 2020

The best way to build a brand that fits seamlessly into our lives is by creating something that works for our lifestyle choices. To do that, we have to lean into the activities we enjoy and look for clients we genuinely like working with.


How can we build a brand that works with our personal identities? 


A lifestyle business is centered on making our lives easier, so what are the practical elements we have to incorporate into our businesses to make sure everything runs smoothly?


On this episode, brand strategist and Realtor, Reshia Lea Guarnotta shares the three steps to starting a lifestyle real estate business. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • One of the best ways to build a brand for ourselves is by finding our happiness and capitalizing on it. Find the parts of the business we really enjoy and lean into those activities.
  • Human error is inevitable, we all mess up from time to time. The best way to handle this is by having templates and checklists in place; by setting up effective systems we can minimize the impact of mistakes.
  • Maintain relationships with past clients through social media. Sending a text or posting something on an online platform is a great way to stay in touch with our spheres without being too formal.


Guest Bio

Reshia Lea Guarnotta is a Realtor, brand strategist and marketing and sales strategy expert. She is also a public speaker and the host of the Boss Life Uncorked Podcast. Reshia got her real estate license in 2004, when she was just 19, and hasn’t looked back since. Reshia is passionate about helping women in the real estate industry through one-on-one coaching and classes that help build them confidence, learn better marketing hacks, negotiate with power and attract higher quality clients. 


To find out more about Reshia, head to: 

And follow her at @reshialea on Instagram

May 21, 2020

To build influence within our local communities, we have to stop trying to be everything to everyone and start niching down. The key to being hyper relevant lies in being hyper local.


How can we carve out niches for ourselves, and how do we stay top of mind for the people in our communities? 


It’s time to start narrowing down our focus and providing value to the people in our marketplaces.


On this episode, Realtor at Windermere Professional Partners, Paige Schulte shares how to go hyper-local and find a niche. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • To create a niche, we can’t worry about helping everyone with everything. We have to be intentional and decide what we want to be known for. 
  • Showing up to every community event isn’t always possible, but showing up on social media is. Show up consistently on platforms like Instagram Stories.
  • Know who you’re talking to: Simply having a particular person in mind as our target audience can help with creating great, relevant content.


Resources + Links


Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


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Guest Bio

Paige Schulte is a Realtor at Windermere Professional Partners. After relocating to Gig Harbor, Washington four years ago, Paige decided to enter the real estate space with the intention of becoming the top agent in her marketplace- and succeeded. Paige uses social media and her blog to build strong relationships with her clients that stand the test of time. 


To find out more about Paige, head to:

You can also follow her at @PaigesGig on Instagram

May 19, 2020

The luxury market is largely insulated from economic shifts, so there has never been a better time to break into the space. But many agents often feel like the luxury market is high stakes, especially when they are faced with objections. 


The only way to handle objections effectively is to prepare for them in advance. If we can go into appointments with sellers knowing how to respond, we can position ourselves as the obvious choice for the listing.


What are some of the common objections raised by sellers, and how can we respond to them?


On this episode, Founder and CEO of the Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE) and host of the Luxury Listing Specialist Podcast, Michael LaFido, returns to the show to discuss 3 common objections and how to handle them. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


How to handle the experience objection

Agents new to the luxury market are often worried about being asked if they’ve sold a high-end property before. If not, the best response is to leverage agents in our networks who have sold luxury homes.


How to handle an objection about local knowledge

Often, sellers will ask agents if they’ve sold properties in their area before. If we aren’t local, it’s a good idea to have testimonials and past videos on hand to show the value we bring.


What we can do about price objections

When a seller has been given an unrealistic selling price by another agent, they’re likely to object to a lower suggestion from us. Combat this by asking the seller to have their home appraised. 



Resources + Links


Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


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Guest Bio

Michael LaFido is a top-producing luxury Realtor, national trainer, and a leading authority in the luxury real estate space. He is the  Founder and CEO of the Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE), host of the Luxury Listing Specialist Podcast, as well as the Founder and Marketing Strategist of Marketing Luxury Group. Michael is the author of Luxury Listing Specialist: Dominate Luxury Listings in Your Market. 


To find out more about Michael, head to:

May 14, 2020

With so many people using social media at the moment, there has never been a better time to put ourselves out there and make a name for ourselves. Use this time to get in front of as many people as possible.


How can we get started with documenting our lives and do people even want to see what we’re doing throughout the day? Is there a ‘right’ approach to social media if we want to see results?


The reality is, people are looking for an escape now and by merely sharing even our imperfect moments, we can connect with people in our markets and build lasting relationships.


On this episode, Founder and CEO of MindShare101 Inc., David Greenspan shares how to become top of mind with the people in our markets using social media. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • Use Stories to get in front of people. A lot of us are nervous about posting videos of ourselves, so using a platform where we can share unpolished, authentic moments is a great way to get started.
  • Stop worrying about the ‘right’ time to post - just start posting. Once we’ve established a routine and a following, our audiences will tell us when they want us to share content. 
  • Tag people in content. The quickest way to start engagement and build a following is by tagging other people - they’ll see our posts and will reciprocate. 



Resources + Links


Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


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Guest Bio

David Greenspan is the Co-Founder and VP of KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems and the Founder and CEO of MindShare101. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate space, David has extensive experience helping Realtors with their marketing needs. David is passionate about helping Realtors build MindShare to create a top of mind intuitive instinctive reaction. 


To find out more about David, head to:

You can also find him on Facebook: MindShare101

And follow him on Instagram: @DavidGreenspan101 

May 12, 2020

Using YouTube to generate leads is a great business strategy, but a lot of agents don’t know where to get started with creating content, let alone take advantage of all the platform has to offer. 


If we want our videos to bring us business, we have to ensure they’re being seen, and the best way to do that is by having our videos ranked. 


How can we get our Youtube videos ranked? Are there any simple hacks we can use to make a name for ourselves on the platform? YouTube certainly puts a lot of hurdles out for content creators, so we have to ensure we’re using it the right way if we want to optimize our content.

On this episode, CEO of the YouTube Agents, Jackson Wilkey, returns to share the three top Youtube hacks to rank our videos. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to find out what people are searching online and using those searches to ensure we create the content people are looking for.
  • Why consistency means everything. If we want guaranteed success, we have to post our content at least once a week, every week, at the same time.
  • How to use tools like TubeBuddy to ensure we have the best title for our videos. 



Resources + Links


Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


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Guest Bio

Jackson Wilkey is the CEO of the YouTube Agents. Jackson eats, sleeps and breathes YouTube, and is passionate about helping others take advantage of the platform for their businesses. He is also a Real Estate Broker at eXp Realty, podcast host and YouTube personality. 


To find out more about Jackson, head to:


Links mentioned on this episode:


For a free once-off call with Greg, text him on 925 915 1978 

And if you’d like to find out how to become Micro Famous, visit and join

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