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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more. You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.
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May 31, 2016

We can all agree that the real estate industry has shifted in the last 10 years. As consumers have become more educated and tech-savvy, client’s expectations of agents has changed. But have we as agents adjusted?


We start with a question on hiring an ISA to make prospecting calls when you as an agent have not done them yourself. Greg and Matt agreed that you should double down on your strengths but disagree on how that applies to this situation.

Then we dive into the 4 types of service, pulled from David Maister’s fantastic book True Professionalism:



Brain Surgeon


It’s important to understand the differences because our industry has shifted from a sales industry to a consulting industry. This means that the willingness to do what’s best for your client - even when it’s not in your best interest - will separate you as a trusted consultant instead of a salesperson. People hate to be sold - but love to buy.

Most real estate clients are looking for a Nurse - someone who can execute a proven treatment and walk them through the process. They already know what their problem is (need to buy or sell) so they don’t need diagnosis, creativity or innovation. They want to know that you’ve solved this problem before for people just like them. It’s also the reason clients often choose agents based on price - they’re assuming the “treatment” is the same from any provider, so they want the best price. It’s our job to better communicate our value and prove that we’re a better provider in order to justify our fees.

Most agents, and most service providers in general, think of ourselves as Brain Surgeons - high level problem solvers with high technical skills. Nothing wrong with having great technical skills, but problems come up when we think of ourselves as Brain Surgeons and clients just want a great Nurse. Completely different value proposition - completely different expectations from the client. This results in communication issues and low referrals because clients expect something different than what we’re providing.


So what’s the moral of the story? Understand what YOUR ideal clients are looking for. If they aren’t looking for a Brain Surgeon, don’t sell yourself as one. Sell what your clients are looking for, and use leverage to become more profitable.

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May 31, 2016

Social skills are critical to any salesperson or consultant, but many agents struggle to meet new people in social situations. In our latest episode Jordan Harbinger shares simple, practical tips for building good social habits and confidence so you can meet and attract new clients in everyday life.


Jordan is the host of the Art of Charm and regularly coaches men on how to build social skills and confidence, in addition to interviewing many successful people on those same topics. We kicked off the show with a rant on internet marketers and real estate coaches who make their money teaching people how to do something they don’t currently do (and may never have done).

Then we move into how to build social skills, and Jordan shared an amazing insight - that your first impression is when you become a blip on someone’s radar - NOT when you first open your mouth. So often people spend a lot of time on a clever line, a joke or icebreaker, and completely forget that your first impression is how your body communicates before you even open your mouth.

Jordan explained that when he teaches social skills at his live events, he teaches guys to delegate good body language to the level of habit. He explained the Doorway Drill - where every time you walk through a door you stand up tall, shoulders back, put a smile on your face, etc. This builds an subconscious habit that will serve you well in social situations because it puts good body language on autopilot allowing you to focus on other people.

Focusing on yourself in social situations is one of the reasons we struggle to remember names of people we meet. We’re focused on how we look and sound - inward focused - rather than focusing on who we’re meeting.

Nothing happens overnight, and working on body language and social skills needs to be done in conjunction with other  work, such as handling your bad habits, getting in shape, eating right. These things make a huge difference over time.


If you’re looking to sharpen your social skills and become more comfortable in social situations, go back and listen to this episode and listen to Jordan’s podcast, the Art of Charm. Nothing happens overnight, but social skills can be learned and confidence can be built. As Jordan said, “Even if it takes a year, great. This is a life-changing type of event. Because it’s going to change the way people treat you, which will change the way you act.”

Jordan Harbinger is the host of the Art of Charm podcast and conducts in person bootcamps teaching social skills to top performers. Subscribe to the podcast and learn more about the bootcamps at

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May 31, 2016

Once you understand the power of social media, often the next question is, What do I talk about? Our latest episode gives you the tools and tactics to produce your best content and then repurpose and repackage it into multiple forms for other social media platforms.

Tim started by emphasized again that there are real people behind the social media profiles, and as soon as you forget that, you start sending out content no one cares about. It’s critical to know who your ideal client is and what they care about so you put out content that is valuable, otherwise they will unfollow and unsubscribe. SUPER important!

Next we went over 3 questions you can ask yourself to help generate content:

  1. What are you reading that’s interesting to your clients?
  2. What do your clients ask you?
  3. What is it that I’m doing that’s successful, and how can I share it?

By answering questions you actually receive from clients, you get into the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s head.

When it comes to finding your platform, Tim shared a great piece of wisdom, “If you’re new to social media, you have an awesome opportunity to try EVERYTHING...if the numbers go up, stay in that vein...Don’t worry about the numbers falling off. Don’t get too attached to your content.”

To repurpose and repackage, start with your best content, usually email content, and the break it up into smaller chunks for social media. You can also boil your content down to key foundational elements, find the commonalities and then expound on those commonalities in different ways. Greg shared that one of his strategies is simply to document his life, share what he’s seeing and learning every day, and sharing different chunks of it through different social media platforms in different modalities.

Now that you’re armed with a system for producing content, it’s time to implement that system! If you have questions or need help creating a system that works for you, book a free 30-min phone consultation with Dr Stafford here.

Get Tim’s course, Ultimate Periscope Mastery here, and use the code REUPON at checkout to get 50% off the course.

Dr. Stafford has more than 20 years of experience working with corporations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and private research think tanks in instructional forensics. His knowledge is sought out from some of the largest non-profits in the US and around the world including, the Int’l Mission Board, Baptist Global Response, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Voice of the Martyrs, and many others. Get a free 30-min phone consulations with Dr Stafford at

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May 25, 2016

Andy Green is both team leader and part of the Five Doors expansion network, and shares his experience building his team, setting up systematic, referral-driven lead generation systems and leadership tips for real estate teams.


We started with a question on how to manage and lead ISA’s, Andy explained that it’s really hard to find ISA’s who can hit 40 appts/mo consistently and still maintain a high quality of appointment. They focus on quality over quantity, and are fortunate to have one ISA who can hit both.

Then we dive into Andy’s story, how he restarted his business in 2011, and how he figured out his lead gen and database marketing system.

Andy explained that his team is everywhere, getting involved in youth sports, fun runs, sponsoring local teams and events. They also market to their database through video, which generated 65 home sales from their database last year alone.

We also went deep into how Andy structures and leads his team, including why he went away from the traditional model and allowed all his agents to work with buyers and sellers. Andy explained the initial dip in listings they went through and how he pulled them out of that dip through great training and support for his agents. The result is that Andy is no longer required in production and is not beholden to one listing partner leaving and forcing him back into production.

This allows Andy to focus on long-term growth, such as growing their ISA team, which already has 4 members, one of which is taking a leadership role as the team grows.

Andy is a great example to follow in building a lead generation system that focuses on their database and community first, rather than relying on cold internet leads. If you’re currently a rainmaker or team leader looking to exit the business, Andy’s experience also shows a path to exiting the business by allowing all your agents to list, rather than bringing in a high level (and expensive) listing partner.

Andy Green is CEO of the Green Group in Wilsonville, OR, a member of the Five Doors network of KW. To connect with Andy or send referrals to his team in Oregon, email

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May 23, 2016

In a unique show, we share some of our favorite inspirational and thought-provoking questions, while answering several sales and marketing questions from agents on Facebook.

We start with a question on how to get over the fear of sitting in a coffee shop with a sign offering to answer real estate questions. Greg’s brief and inspirational answer was to man up and grow up. We also tackled a couple questions on how to invite someone to an Open House and set appointments while calling Expired listings.

Then we went into questions you can ask yourself that can yield some life-changing answers.

“Are you doing what you truly WANT to do?”

“Did I execute my plan and follow my rituals today?”

“How many promised have you made and how many have you fulfilled?”

“Did I push myself through any fear or discomfort, was I mentally tough today?”

The right question can change your life. Asking yourself key questions every day and every week is a powerful way to stay on track toward your goals.

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May 20, 2016

Fellow podcasters and real estate brothers Casey and Corey Wright join us to share smartphone hacks for productivity and effectiveness, as well as some apps that have changed their life.

We started with a question on how to get started as a new agent, especially when you don’t have 6 months of reserves.  Greg pointed out that if you’re in that situation, every spare second should be devoted to doing something outbound to generate response and uncover potential clients. Corey and Casey shared their perspective, gleaned from years growing up watching their successful Realtor parents and the agents on their team.

Then we jumped into smartphone hacks, starting with some basic tips on how optimize your device, including grouping your apps, limiting your screens and scheduling time each month to clean up and organize your smartphone.

We also covered on-demand apps like Postmates, Amazon Prime Now, Purple and much more. Corey and Casey shared how they use keyboard shortcuts, and improved functions on the iPhone like Search and Siri that have snuck up and improved a lot while most people haven’t noticed.

So take advantage of these smartphone hacks and make your smartphone a true productivity device, not just something that lets you browse Facebook!

Casey and Corey Wright are co-founders of Wright Brothers Inc which provides real estate education and placement services to new real estate agents as well as helping top brokerages and offices around the country recruit new agents. Learn more about their services at and check out their podcast on YouTube.

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May 16, 2016

How do you double your business in one year? For Rochester, MN agent Andy Mulholland the answer was focus. By eliminating distractions and getting clear on what each team member needed to accomplish each day, Andy’s team went from 112 deals in 2014 to 248 deals last year, dominating his city.

We start with a question on how to manage ISA’s, Greg and Andy agreed there need to be standards you manage to, but how you arrive at those standards differs if you’re experimenting with ISA’s for the first time.

The Andy explained the growth he’s experienced over the last few years, going from 78 to 248 in just a few years. Andy attributes his success to focus, eliminating distractions and understanding what needs to be done each day.

Andy allows his agents to set their own goals and then holds them accountable and gives them support to reach their goals. Andy recommended the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution as a great blueprint for this type of team goal setting and accountability.

Then we dive into how Andy takes listings appointments in the office without ever seeing the home in person. He explained how they respond to inbound requests from sellers and set the appointments in the office, as well as how they position the appointment to get the seller to come in. What’s even more interesting is that through their radio, billboards, TV and past client referrals, they don’t have to make any outbound prospecting calls for sellers. It’s only responding to inbound requests.

Next we cover the shift Andy’s team made from buyer-heavy to seller-heavy when they started on radio. Andy also shared their process for getting homes ready for listing, including a paid pre-inspection, a visit from their home stager, pro photography and an HWA extended warranty.

Andy also reveals an unheard-of twist on the Guaranteed Sale program, which they position as a benefit for buyers and not their seller clients. In other words, sellers are attracted to the offer, but the Guaranteed Sale is actually aimed at buyers who are hesitant to make an offer because they haven’t put their own home on the market yet.

Once this benefit is explained to sellers, they often are not concerned with the Guaranteed Sale on their own home.  

Andy is a great example of providing massive value to sellers and clearly communicating that value through mass media and past client referrals. We hope you implement some of the tips and tactics Andy shared to build your listing business!

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May 16, 2016

We start with Heather’s success on Facebook, starting from just a couple hundred friends to now close to 5,000.

Heather shared some tips for building business on Facebook:

  • Reach out to 30+ people per day
  • Don’t be weird - be yourself
  • Don’t sell first - build relationships
  • Deliver content on subjects that you’re passionate about especially when they relate to your business
  • Start every day by interacting - sending friend requests, commenting, posting
  • Be consistent in your follow up

Then we dive into the health component. Heather explained that there are three main problems that cause lack of energy, fogginess and low productivity.

  • We’re not getting nutrients from our food supply.
  • There are 240 toxins we’re consuming every day
  • Stress

Heather explained that most people get 80% of their protein from dinner. If you want to be in optimal shape, you want as much as protein as possible, spaced throughout the day. Keep healthy snacks in the car and at the office so you’re not tempted to grab something at a convenience store or at a fast food joint.

Cutting bad things out, like soda and diet soda, will make a massive difference. But even if you can’t cut out, focus on cutting DOWN. Heather suggested more water and trying organic coffee which is low-acidic level and has little or no pesticides.

If you’re not fueling your body correctly, you’re also not fueling your mind. Putting more nutrients, protein and water into your body helps your body AND mind function at a higher level.

Heather Kertman distributes healthy supplements and nutritional cleansing products. Find her on Facebook by name or find her World of Wellness Facebook group where she posts helpful tips and strategies for healthy living.

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May 11, 2016

We kicked off the episode by answering a question on how to do live walk-through videos for clients using Facebook Live, Google Hangouts or Blab. One key to live video is the quality of your audio, so picking up an inexpensive SmartLav mic is a great way to immediately boost the quality of your live video and make people more likely to stick around and watch.

Then we bring in Alisa who shared some common misconceptions about credit, such as the fact that older bills, collections and bankruptcy might not affect your credit score as much as you think. Alisa also pointed that Realtors also suffer from these misconceptions because they miss out on the opportunity to show potential clients how to raise their credit score and may even mis-advise clients to wait who could qualify for a loan with a little help and guidance.

Alisa went on to share some key tips for raising your credit score such as:

How to use credit card payments, even secured cards, to “drown out the bad with good”

One cool trick to consolidate credit card debt and raise your credit score with

How Alisa uses credit repair tips to stay in touch with her database and future clients

Why paying off old bills may actually HURT your credit score

Alisa also shared her unique background story, which included working in comedy talent booking, moving to HBO and eventually becoming a producer on Politically Incorrect w/Bill Mahr. Alisa took her love of comedy and good sense of humor with her into business, including speaking events and workshops, and she’s writing a book to spread her Color My Credit concepts.

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Everyone wants to raise their credit score but few understand how. The more you learn, the more you can share with your database and future clients to help them prepare to buy a home. It also gives you a unique advantage in the marketplace where consumers want unique, helpful information. Providing that information and guiding clients to better financial decisions will help you become their trusted advisor.

Show Highlights-

4:55 Question: How to do live walk through video for out-of-state buyers

14:00 Misconceptions about credit and the 24 month rule for credit score - why Realtors are missing out on getting buyers in their pipeline by not understanding credit or having a mortgage pro who can help clients improve their score

18:15 How to use credit cards to “drown out the bad with good” and improve your score

20:01 One cool trick to massively improve your credit score even if your credit cards are maxed out

25:00 How Alisa uses Color My Credit to stay in front of her database and pipeline of future clients giving tips on how to improve their credit

29:30 How Alisa developed the concepts of Color My Credit

33:50 Why paying off older bills may HURT your credit

36:35 How one client boosted her credit score by 40 points simply by purchasing a small item on a credit card

41:30 If you know how to color, you know how to improve your credit

43:00 Alisa’s background in comedy and becoming a producer for Politically Incorrect w/Bill Mahr

Guest Bio- Alisa Glutz is a top mortgage lender and leader of the Glutz Group at Cherry Creek Mortgage in Scottsdale AZ. Alisa is currently working on a book and educational company called Color My Credit to educate mortgage pros, real estate pros and the general public about how to improve their credit score. Connect with Alisa on Facebook at and send referrals to her in Scottsdale via email:  

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May 11, 2016

We start with Jeff’s training for an Ironman and how that level of physical training is affecting his focus and energy he can put into business. Jeff also shares the two tactics he recommends for new agents - Open Houses and zero-cost social media posts offering free home value quotes.

Then Greg and Jeff go deep on authenticity, how it gives you clarity, and why it’s so crucial to be your true self rather than being who you think people want you to be. Jeff explained that the only difference between someone who makes $50k a year instead of a million is the way they think.

Jeff also shared why thinking big attracts opportunity in your life and creates things that would have never come your way otherwise.

We also cover:

Jeff’s morning routines

How to shift your focus to the positive

Why surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you want in life

How to stay focused on your goals in a world of distration

And much more.

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If you want to take your business and your life to a new level, take Jeff’s advice. Start writing down your goals multiple times a day, get around people who already have what you want, and think big. Just those few changes will start to make a huge impact and Jeff’s life is proof that his advice works.

Show Highlights-

4:19 How training for an Ironman competition is raising his energy and confidence levels and helping him be more effective in business

7:18 Two ways Jeff recommends a new agent get started: Open Houses and social media for free home value

12:05 How authenticity gives you clarity and power - when we’re not ourselves we’re out of alignment

18:50 The difference between someone who makes 50k a year versus a million

22:55 You get what you tolerate

28:20 Google Street View and how to use it to shoot 360 videos of your listings

31:30 Jeff’s morning routine

35:22 The strategy of thinking big and how it affects your mind and life events

39:00 Shifting your focus and how to stay focused on the positive aspects of everything in your life, from your home or your car to your relationship

45:10 Why surround yourself with the life, the fitness, the relationships, the hobbies, the faith and anything else that you want in your life - you’ll achieve those same results quicker through osmosis

51:00 Jeff’s goals and the advice he received from a half-billionaire to write your goals down multiple times every single day

Guest Bio- Jeff Latham is a mega producing agent and founder of Latham Realty Unlimited, a successful real estate brokerage selling over 200 units a year in Washington state. Jeff is also the co-founder of Latham Coaching Unlimited and The Freedom Evolution, which trains mega-producing agents and mortgage brokers how to develop the best version of themselves, increase their income and systematize their business while working fewer hours. To apply for Freedom Evolution Coaching, visit:

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May 11, 2016

We start by answering a question about post-closing gifts, and Greg shared his idea for using to have items delivered to your office, giving you a reason to reach out to your best past clients every month. Doren shared the system he teaches his mortgage clients to run, starting with a gift basket delivered to their workplace to generate word-of-mouth, and including his “Magic Wand” letter.

Then we dive into capturing more online reviews and success stories. Doren explains that most Realtors ask for referrals the wrong way and mistakenly send people directly to a review site that requires an account to submit a review. This often stops clients in their tracks and the agent receives no review. Doren created a software service that solves this problem by allowing clients to submit their review first, then directing them to several options for sites to post the review, that way the review is saved and sent to you even if the client doesn’t post the review anywhere online.

We also discuss why online reviews are becoming so critical to success and when to ask your clients for referrals, plus how to follow up if they don’t respond to your first request for review.

Then we get Doren’s perspective on referral relationships, why he recommends his clients to go narrow and deep with only 6-12 referral partners, and how to find who those high value, high leverage referrals partners are in your market.

We finish with Doren’s tactics for capturing more leads at Open Houses using ethical bribes and blaming the seller for asking visitors to register and leave feedback, and how to use the feedback form to capture leads from both yourself and your lender partner.

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Online reviews are becoming a critical part of the consumer decision-making process. The sooner you start building your presence in online reviews the better positioned you’ll be to succeed over the next couple decades. Make asking for reviews a part of your process with every client, and ask them at the point of highest positive emotion.

Show Highlights-

4:55 Why podcasts are the saving grace of Doren’s professional development

6:00 Question: Unique options for closing gifts

11:00 One killer technique to launch your closing campaign using gift baskets to the client’s workplace - the “Magic Wand” letter

16:00 Idea for connecting with past clients on the anniversary of their home purchase - why use direct mail ‘homespun’ newsletters in your past client follow up campaign

23:00 What is the McDaniel Challenge

28:07 Online accounts and the problem of getting reviews by sending clients directly to review sites first - how Doren’s service solves that problem by allowing them to create their review within the software first, saving the review even if they don’t submit it to any online sites

36:00 Why online reviews are increasingly important in the next 10-20 years and WHEN to ask for referrals

40:00 A mortgage coach’s perspective on referral relationships

45:15 Why you must know who your highest leverage referral partner is and have a unique value proposition aimed at that them - why go narrow and deep with referral partners

52:37 Two simple and effective tactics to capture more leads at Open Houses

Guest Bio- Doren Aldana is a top mortgage marketing coach and founder of The Testimonial Engine. Doren helps some of the top mortgage pros in North America generate more leads and close more business, and through his Testimonial Engine service he helps service professionals collect and share testimonials and build their online reviews. Connect with Doren at and learn more about Testimonial Engine at

Get your free gift from Doren Aldana, How To Collect & Share 5-Star Rave Reviews on Autopilot (While You Sleep), at

May 11, 2016

We start by answering questions from various Facebook groups on everything from how to train your ISA’s to set up appointments, the best script for really old Expired’s, and how to market a property with strict HOA guidelines on signs and showings.

Then we dive into profitability, ways to increase your value and make more money in real estate. First we cover skill-building - including what skills you can build and how skill-building will make you more money. The better your sales skills, the higher percentage of appointments you’ll set and the more clients you’ll attract, even if all else stays equal. Or you develop your marketing skills to generate more leads and you’ll attract clients even if you don’t increase your closing percentage.

Next we cover specialization, options include luxury, REO, certain areas of your market, price ranges, new construction, investors, Expired listings, land, developments, first-tim homebuyers, commercial, and much more. Consumers are coming more and more to expect professionals to specialize in solving their specific problem for clients who look just like them. The more you can show past success with the same type of clients and a track record of solving the same type of problem, the easier it will be to attract more of the same clients with the same problems.

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If you’re looking for information on how to increase your value and justify higher fees to your real estate clients, check out the excellent book Managing The Professional Service Firm by David Maister. The principles we covered in this episode barely scratch the surface of what David covers in his fantastic book.

Show Highlights-

3:19 Question re: marketing a listing with strict HOA guidelines on marketing

11:36 Question: ISA’s, appt setting and the holy grail of real estate

17:30 Question: Best script for calling really old Expired listings

24:53 Making more money - Why growth doesn’t automatically make more profit

29:11 How to build more skills to increase your value to clients - why work on mindset first and when to work on skills first

38:37 Increasing your number of productive hours by finding ways to outsource tasks to assistants, transaction coordinators and other staff and technology

47:59 The difference between paid marketing and business development or “hustle”

51:41 McDaniel Challenge and upcoming guests

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May 2, 2016

We start with a question on howto utilize video in your business and why you should start withevergreen content like follow up videos for prospects, local videoswith business owners, and educational videos for new buyer andseller clients. We also tackle an issue with addresses not beingallowed on flyers for door-knocking, and the mindset of lack thatis behind all these anti-marketing rules being propagated by realestate boards.

Then we dig into the frameworkof how to grow a business. Ultra-successful people have anincredible sense of clarity, they understand the framework of howto grow a business. So when they confront a problem, they’re ableto zero in on the source of the problem even without understandingthe finer points of an industry or the business. Matt shared hisexperience speaking with the CEO of one of the top Sandler salestraining franchises in the world, and why tactics are alwayssecondary to attitude and behavoir.

Greg summed it up perfectly, “You have to give of yourself morethan anything. As soon as you give enough value to the universe, itwill give everything you want back to you because the Law ofReciprocity comes into play.” 

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