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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more. You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.
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Jul 30, 2015

In this audio episode, Jesse Garcia, real estate team leader and founder of Pipeline Wizard, shares his experience getting into the business, tracking his results and how his simple tracking spreadsheet evolved into Pipeline Wizard.

Check out Pipeline Wizard at and be sure to check out The Whiteboard, a monthly Google Hangout series where Jesse interviews top producers in the industry.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

[1:48] Jesse's story of quitting his job and jumping into real estate full time with zero pipeline

[3:10] Origin Story: How Jesse once created a tracking spreadsheet for his tips to hit his income goals as a waiter

[5:30] Why it's important to write goals down and 100% commit to those goals

[9:51] Breaking down big visions into achievable and measurable goals

[13:50] How Jesse worked his database instead of cold prospecting to build his real estate business, and how he tracked his database prospecting

[19:00] Why you should focus more on your strengths when it comes to prospecting rather than imitating what's working for other people

[25:40] How to use set weekly goals and performance indicators you want to track

[30:05] How Jesse's tracking spreadsheet evolved into Pipeline Wizard

[34:50] How team leaders can use pipeline tracking to motivate and coach agents on their team

[37:45] Turning pipeline tracking into a game and using your competitive mindset to focus and motivate yourself

[44:54] Jesse's first eye-opening experience door-knocking that blew up his limiting beliefs


[47:25] Why you should track how many No's you get from prospects to transform your mindset on rejection

Jul 29, 2015

Matt Scheid of Prime Seller Leads joined us to share how top agents are generating seller leads on Facebook and Google PPC, and how any agent can get started using those tools.

Best quote: "That's part of the secret of success with internet leads; it's a numbers game, and it's about working every lead the same way every time." Matt Scheid



[4:40] Why start with Facebook/Google ads to generate seller leads

[5:01] The definition of a "quality" lead is - a lead generated by a straightforward ad, with no additional incentive and where the lead has to manually input their information in exchange for the info they want

[5:30] Search intent and why top agents get higher conversion ratios on Google leads, even though leads are more plentiful and a little cheaper on Facebook

[6:30] Lead follow-up and scripts to convert internet seller leads. Greg's team calls leads 6x in the first 2 days to make sure they reach the lead then put them into appropriate drip campaigns

[10:00] Using "set-and-forget" drip campaigns using email, video and text to automate as much of your follow-up as possible

[10:30] Elements to get started: 

1. Find a system for the leads to go to and a landing site, 

2. Set up your Google Adwords account (set up a dummy ad at first to get past Adwords Express) 

3. Build your first ad (Headline, Display URL and two lines of text) and why Home Value offers are the most effective 

4. Use the Google Ad Preview tool and incorporate the feedback Google gives you to tweak our ad 

5. Allow the ad to run for 1-2 days, then run a Diagnosis Report and make adjustments 

[14:03] Negative keywords- How to use them to make your ads more targeted and effective

[17:05] Why structured follow-up is part of the secret to success - It's about working every lead the same way every time

[17:35] How one of Matt's Prime Seller clients converted "Mickey Mouse" into an active client

[20:25] Why start with a $10/day budget with Google PPC and $5/day on Facebook

to generate leads as a solo agent

[24:31] Keep it simple - the more complexity you add the more your lead conversion goes down 

[27:30] Why the goal of PPC ads are to generate responses from the RIGHT people, not the maximum response rate, and why Matt doesn't recommend offering gas cards or other incentives in your ads

[29:00] How to make your landing page 'hyper-local'

[31:06] Getting started with Facebook ads- Why set up a second Business page for ads only so it can tie into the Business Ad Manager - Matt and Greg's best ideas for running very specific ads to very specific groups

[34:50] Two specific ad keyphrasses you can use immediately to generate seller leads on Facebook

[37:49] Matt's observation that top agents are seeing 30% response rates on texts and texting campaigns to internet leads, and why you must adjust your medium and messaging for different demographic groups

[41:35] How to use outsourced labor on Fiverr to build your Facebook seller ads, and how Greg generated a 6-15 leads/day experimenting with Facebook seller ads for the first time

[44:45] How to use remarking to make your follow-up even more effective by running branding ads to people who have visited your landing page

[48:00] How to upload your existing email list or database to Facebook as a custom audience so you can run new listing, branding or referral generation campaigns as another form of remarking

[50:38] How to use a pre-recorded video response in your lead follow-up campaign 

[52:18] Why get started on Facebook first so you can get comfortable with responding to leads, get your scripts and follow-up structure together




Jul 24, 2015

This special audio episode features Aaron Wittenstein, KW agent in Westchester NY and founder of the popular Facebook group Lead Gen Scripts & Objections.

Aaron and Greg talk expired listing prospecting, which makes up around 40% of Aaron's business, and do some live role play, including a section where Greg plays a "Jerk" expired listing and Aaron overcomes the objections to set the appointment.

Here's what we covered so you can jump to the section that most interests you:


[1:45] Aaron's early years in real estate and breaking into a new market in New York with Expired's

(Aaron got ZERO results in the first 3 months, and then exploded with 8 listings in the next month)

[3:30] The origins of the Lead Gen Scripts & Objections Facebook Group

[7:14] Why Expired's are still 70% of Aaron's listing business while he expands into FSBO's, probate and referrals

[10:25] How Aaron knows that every "NO" he hears is worth $287

[11:41] Why follow-up is more important to taking Expired listings than scripts

[13:35] LIVE role-play of an Expired follow-up call with Aaron and Greg

[15:55] The closing script Aaron ALWAYS uses and why he doesn't follow the conventional wisdom of giving two appointment options

[17:50] Role-play of an initial Expired call

[21:35] Role-play of a JERK homeowner on an initial Expired call

[24:00] Psychology of an Expired seller and getting past the initial resistance

[28:55] Pre-qualifying scripts an Expired for an appointment, and using one key script to get an instant read on their DISC personality profile and adjust how your communication

[32:50] Aaron's method for getting seller's more realistic on price, and Greg's "Three-Price Method" script for talking price and reading their personality at the same time

[36:05] How Aaron sets expectations with seller clients to set up price reductions, and why he refers to reducing price as "modifying the price," a HUGE tip on phrasing 

[39:03] "You don't have to be better than anybody, you just have have to be more consistent than everybody."



Jul 22, 2015

In our latest episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we burned through our top ten best ways to invest $500 into lead generation to actually get clients, AND Matt and I both laid out a step-by-plan for how we would invest $500 and exactly how we would get clients if we were starting from scratch today.

Here's what we covered so you can jump to the section that interests you:

[2:50] Announcement letter to sphere of influence, send both hard copy and digital, plus send quarterly to your personal sphere of influence

[6:40] Meeting people face-to-face and handing out business cards

[9:38] Meet-ups with people in your sphere

[12:00] Following up with handwritten thank-you notes

[13:10] The RIGHT way to run a golf foursome to generate leads

[16:10] Contests with your announcement letter (either initial letter or quarterly letter)

[17:44] Tips for using gift cards to follow-up with buyers you meet at Open Houses

[20:00] Make your $500 go further by partnering with area restaurant to create a coupon to give out AND get a standard discount for yourself to bring people to their restaurant for meet ups

[23:15] Circle prospecting with a triple-line dialer, paying extra to map territories and extract phone numbers from a farm or neighborhood around Just Sold properties

[27:30] Facebook ads - Get your ads made on for $5 and spend $5/day sending people to a home-value landing page with (only go after sellers, buyers don't live on Facebook for whatever reason)

[33:03] Generating buyer leads online - 

[36:28] Getting mortgage lender or home insurance pro to help cover cost of internet lead buyer generation site

[40:02] Writing on in conduction with door-knocking

[43:05] Editorial writing in home/lifestyle magazine along with purchased ad, how to use outsourced writers to help you write an editorial article even if you don't have the writing or editing skills yourself

[44:45] Getting short video interviews with people you meet door-knocking and posting to social media and (if possible) your community blog

[46:30] What Greg would do if he were starting over in real estate with only $500 to get clients as quickly as possible


[48:36] What Matt would do in the same situation

Jul 10, 2015

Best quote-


I did monetize every new person in my database, if I added 3 new people in a day of door-knocking to my network, that's like giving myself a $2100 raise, every year forever, as long as I managed it. 



[2:12] How John uses door-knocking to zero in on markets he wants to be in, limiting drive time and maximizing his average sale price

[6:15] How John went into a new farm in San Diego area and took over the neighborhood within a year

[8:30] Why John does his prospecting, both calls and doors between 8:45 and 10am, and the other great time slot he doesn't worry about because of his family life

[11:20] John's daily goal to add people into his database from door-knocking

[11:50] John's script for getting contact info from people he meets door-knocking, and why he doesn't make eye-contact when asking for email and phone #

[14:30] John's shift from a cold prospector to focusing on building his database, and he's built his database to the point where he now gets 1 piece of business for every 17 people in his database

[15:30] How John determined that every person added to his database is worth $700 a year, every year for as long as he manages it

[16:10] How many doors John hits per hour, contact percentages and solid conversations

[20:20] How John organically generates buyer leads from his reputation as a dominant agent in a farm area

[21:00] How John is taking his farming and follow-up systems into a new farm area right now

[24:00] Why John only has a one follow-up category - his database - and people either go into his database or they don't, and everyone is communicated with in the same way

[27:30] How much John spends on communicating with his database using the KW 33-Touch system over the course of a year, and holds every dollar accountable



Jul 7, 2015

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(2:20) How to get started on door knocking. Finding your farm.
(10:43) How Greg uses two strategies from different ends of the prospecting spectrum.
(16:15) Marrying technology and door knocking. 
(20:00) How to use Homesnap to make door knocking more efficient and effective.
(24:47) How can adding value to your conversations make farming more productive?
(30:26) How to shoot a simple video using a smartphone and small microphone. 
(37:57) How to set up a neighborhood video channel on YouTube.
(44:55) How to manage your videos and your YouTube Channel.
(48:42) Is there a way to target specific markets using video technology?

Jul 2, 2015

Episode 2 of Real Estate Uncensored features a special guest, Lori Shieler, a coaching client sharing her experience focusing on lead generation activities that suit her strengths.

Here’s what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:


(1:20) How Lori found Greg McDaniel as a Coach
(4:00) Areas that Lori chose to improve upon (door knocking)
(7:30) How Lori utilized open houses
(11:30) Valuable systems that Lori has adopted
(12:30) The FORD System
(14:25) How Lori takes accountability
(17:00) Lori’s daily schedule
(21:00) How Lori met her current clients
(24:30) Lori’s next steps (high-tech approach to grow her team)
(27:00) How Lori began gaining clients from open houses
(28:30) Scripts to use at open houses
(32:30) Utilizing your sphere of influence (with scripts and business cards)
(37:00) Office Contest – who can hand out 15 business cards per day to generate referrals
(40:30) Utilizing scripts with your sphere of influence
(45:00) The Serving Script / Door-knocking scripts
(48:30) How Greg’s early door-knocking experiences helped him down the road
(50:00) Utilizing coffee shops to draw in leads to avoid door-knocking
(53:00) New Hangout schedule announced

A big Thank You! to Lori Shieler for joining us on this live hangout and sharing her tips and secrets with us all.