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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more. You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.
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Dec 8, 2017

Most Realtor Facebook pages have less that 500 people following them. How does this take away from your social proof? Why is the global mindset important on Facebook? How do you go about improving your Facebook business page so that it impacts your actual business? On this episode, Nick Sakkis is back to share more winning Facebook strategies.

Three Things We Learned

Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook

When you post to Facebook, don’t make the mistake of posting something that goes to an external site. Create content that is especially crafted for Facebook, because Facebook rewards people who keep their content within their platform.

It’s not enough to just post and let it sit, you have to engage

Facebook is a living, breathing platform that functions like the real world. Relationships require regular engagement, so when you put out content, you have to make sure it doesn’t just sit. Engage with people who are liking and commenting - Facebook likes this a lot.

Don’t underestimate the social proof of having thousands of likes on your page

When you sit in front of potential clients and show them that your Facebook page has thousands of followers, this gives you instant credibility and instant social proof. Sometimes it is even more powerful than a five-star rating because you will be so far ahead of other agents.

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Facebook is the largest biggest platform for what we do, so if you’re going to wrap your arms around one thing, make it Facebook. Your database is the key to your entire business, and most of those people are on the platform. Your entire business is about having conversations, and if you can do this by actually engaging with people, you will be very well rewarded.

Dec 8, 2017

The real estate business tends to attract people who are trying to get away from structure, but the only way to have freedom is to actually have a good structure. How do you go about building the routines that lead to good habits? Why is ego the wrong motivation for starting a real estate team? What is so powerful about asking someone why three times? On this episode, we talk to James Coburn about his book, and how he uses structure to find freedom.

Three Things We Learned

To level up in your mastery, your ego has to go away

Ego is a great boosting off place for a new agent but it just doesn’t work long term. When ego is your motivation it means you won’t grow. Ego has to stop because once you have it, you stop being humble enough to learn.

If an office is providing enough of a challenge you feel like there’s growth

People will stay in a team as long as they see themselves growing. When an office starts failing you from a cultural standpoint or from the growth standpoint, that’s where you’d start looking.

Structure creates habits and habits create freedom

A lot of people get into the business looking for freedom but they don’t understand that freedom only comes at the tail end of a good structure. The only way to get freedom is to actually have some kind of structure to your daily life, and in real estate it’s all about focusing your structure on connections.

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For you to truly extract the autonomy and freedom that comes with running your own business, you have to actually create structure because this will breed good habits. Real estate provides you with a measure of freedom in your schedule. Focus your structure around connection and conversation, and this will lead you to more clients and business. In order to know that you’re capable of something don’t look at what you’ve done in the past, step into the future and stop trying to connect all the dots before you do something.  

Dec 6, 2017

Most people aren’t responsible for their calendars and spend time wondering why they can’t reach their goals. What are the biggest reasons people don’t respect and value their calendars? How do you reign in expectations when people inevitably ask you to do more than they are paying you to do? What is the problem with being a person who reacts instead of being a person who responds? On this episode, we are joined by rockstar coach, Hank Avink who will help you transform your calendar, increase the predictability of your income and get your freedom back.

Three Things We Learned

Get out of the scarcity mindset and actually set higher standards for the people you want to work with

People get led around by their neck because they have the scarcity mindset and they’re afraid that if they don’t do everything their client wants and needs, they’re going to be let go and they’re not going to get the deal. Have standards, set the expectation at the beginning, get out of the scarcity mindset and stop working with clients who are the wrong fit.

Ask yourself what you’re numbing your existence with

We all have vices that we numb ourselves with, and for a lot of us it’s alcohol. A lot of real estate agents are high functioning alcoholics, who are using booze to avoid facing themselves and dealing with their issues, and these are some of the things that get in the way of you managing your schedule and calendar in a better way.  

Don’t Let the Freedom of the Business Derail You

A lot of people got into the business for freedom, but they end up achieving absolutely nothing because they take advantage of the freedom, and become wishy-washy with their time management. The truth is, if you take advantage of your time freedom you won’t reach financial freedom. Never underestimate the compounding effect of your decisions.

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It’s so easy to keep ourselves busy with what seems like work, when it’s actually not bringing in income. Some people are more used to reacting than they are to responding, and this impacts their calendars in a negative way. The truth about your schedule is that it reflects your priorities. If you take the agent that’s intentional with their calendar, and one who just reacts, you can bet your bottom dollar the former is going to have a higher net income. People want to do things that feel good and not the things that make them money, so try aligning the things that make you money with the things you love so you don’t just react. When we react, we don’t get predictable results.

Dec 5, 2017

Most agents overestimate the relationship they have with a client, and not doing enough follow up makes them lose that contact. What relationship building model can you implement to stay top of mind? What is the biggest barrier systems and detail oriented people have to cross in order to start playing in their strengths? How can high S and C individuals handle the people-oriented requirements of the job? On this episode, the great Glenn Twiddle is back to share more of his high level sales tactics.

Three Things We Learned

Real estate is a fine balance between being a people’s person and being able to handle the rejection that comes with that

You have to ask yourself if you are enough of a people person that when you get that one contact you can communicate with them and close the deal. But you also have to be able to tolerate the rejection so that it doesn’t derail you.

Sales and marketing skills are important, but high operations skills are required to level up

For a real estate agent to be able to level up and become an entrepreneur, and for them to start bringing in an income above $500k, the required skills become less about sales and more about systems and team building. Agents who can get to this point become very successful.

80% of your sales are going to be made between your 5th and 12th contact

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll make a connection that leads to a sale with one touch, so you have to stay persistent and consistent in following up with people. Whatever you do, you can’t just do one thing, you have to implement a sequence of communication.

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High operations people are going to lend themselves more naturally to scaled, marketing efforts and jobs that require a lot of intellectual effort to set up a system. It is the difference between making $200k and making millions. However, these people don’t get to flex that muscle if they can’t get past that initial phase of getting the sales skills so they can get over that hump to where they have the time money and resources to start investing in a business.

Dec 4, 2017

A lot of agents don’t realize how much their communication reeks of insecurity or arrogance, and they are faced with a lot of objections as a result. How do you handle objections in a way that shows that you care about the client? What is the language of agreement? Why is it so powerful to learn the right framework for handling objections? On this episode, Joel Rico is back to share how to be more effective with your language.  

Three Things We Learned

The First Step to Handling Any Objection is Taking Their Side

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their sales conversations is disagreeing with the prospect right from the start. What you should actually do is get in agreement with them, validate what they think and feel, and take their side no matter what they say. Be an ally, not an adversary.

The tone of confidence resembles the tone of narcissism

Confidence has a tone and an energy and it’s similar but a lot different to ego and narcissism. Because of the similarity most consumers misinterpret cockiness and ego as confidence. The problem with this is they end up hiring the wrong person.  


You want people to be empowered that they made their own choice

He or she that speaks the most dominates the conversation, but he or she that asks all the questions controls the conversation. You want to empower the client by having them dominate the conversation, and you want to control the conversation by asking all the questions.

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People are looking for someone to represent them, someone who can advocate for their needs. When they are clear that you’re on their side, they will say yes. When you try to sell them, and focus on the commission, they are clear that you’re representing yourself and you won’t get hired. If you want represent people, come from a place of contribution, be an ally to them and take their side through your language, tone and energy.

Nov 24, 2017

Networking can be everything from causing anxiety and discomfort all the way to being socially paralyzing to the point where you can’t do it at all. How can you shed your fear of networking by being more intentional and clear? How does deep breathing play into how you come across to people? How do you find communication clues in other people? On this episode, Dr. Debra Dupree is back with more great insights and tactics to make you a more effective networker.

Three Things We Learned

Always have a clear intention for your networking

A lot of people waste time running after events. To avoid this, always have an intention. Think about what’s your purpose and how the networking event ties into that purpose. Have some intent about how many people you’re going to meet and set out with the goal to make a specific number of connections.  

Take deep breaths before you enter into a networking situation

Engage in 3 or 4 deep breaths before you enter into a situation. It slows down the breathing and the brain wave activity which influences the clarity of the eyes. When you breathe you not only calm yourself down, you also change the vibe you give off to other people which will make you a more effective communicator.

Be a giver, not a taker

In networking situations, you put people off when you make everything about you and fail to show any generosity. Learn to talk less and listen more, and lead with actual value. When you do eventually ask, it will be easier because you would have given something in the first place.

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Networking can be an off-putting exercise, even for some of the most confident and accomplished people. For it to be less nerve-wracking, go in with a set intention of what you want to achieve and who exactly you want to talk to. Ask people questions to engage with them, and use deep breathing to make sure your lack of clarity isn’t showing through your eyes or voice. By breathing we can control these factors and show up authentic and ready to connect.

Nov 21, 2017

When people don’t show up for appointments it’s because there’s resistance. How do you take care of the resistance before it even arises? How do you reduce people’s fear of salespeople? How can objections actually help you learn more? On this episode, we talk to Dale Archdekin, who gives great insights on handling all objections like a true rockstar.

Three Things We Learned

If the appointment is way more important to you than them, they likely won’t show up

It’s very important for the appointment to be of equal importance to both parties, otherwise the other side won’t see the value of upholding it. If you can understand what someone’s needs are and work towards meeting them, this makes it more likely than an appointment will happen

Every objection reveals a need and something they are trying to achieve

An objection isn't something you should just take at face value as a rejection. It can in fact be a very powerful illuminating tool that you can use to your advantage. Every objection uncovers that they have something to achieve, even if it’s nothing.
When you’re selling to high D’s, make your scripts short, punchy, and figure out what the essence is

When you’re trying to sell to high D individuals, it’s important to make your pitch as straight to the point as possible. Make your script as simple as possible so that you get to the point quicker, without losing that person’s interest.

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Clients and customers all have a fear of sitting with salespeople because they don’t want to be pushed towards a decision. It’s your job to provide value and reduce that fear. When you’re asking people to take time out of their busy lives to sit with you remember there might be some resistance. Pre-frame the person to deal with any resistance that’s going to come up before the appointment happens. When you’re on an early call, people won’t know, like and trust you enough to agree with you, so just let them have their opinion. Anytime you get a rejection, remember it reveals a deeper need.

Nov 21, 2017

Agents are making the fatal mistake of putting lead generation on the back burner in favor of client service. What mindset and attitude causes this mistake? What is the dirty secret successful entrepreneurs don’t share? Why is it so necessary to have clarity and intention when it comes to setting your goals? On this episode, we are joined by Gene Volpe and Andy Scherer for a high value smackdown.

Three Things We Learned

Lead generation should always be your first priority, before client service

When people don’t prioritize lead generation and designate it to time slots that are never avaiable, it’s because the burning desire for clients isn’t causing enough pain for them to take action, and there isn’t enough pain or pleasure in doing something to push forward. To overcome this, you have to increase the psychological necessity behind it by making it non-negotiable.

The dirty little secret in entrepreneurship is that a lot of ultra-successful people have gone through bankruptcy

It’s not talked about enough in the entrepreneurship conversation, but behind every mega-successful person is a story of overcoming struggles like bankruptcy, failure and intense hardship. All the people we look up to had to power through all of that to get to where they are.

If you don’t know how to set a goal for a project always bring it down to a number

You can’t successfully break down and work towards any goal unless it has a number attached to it. For some projects, it can be hard to really pin down that number, so instead, boil it down to a time that you set and strictly set to work on something.

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Everyone wants the end goal of success, but they don’t understand the difficulties they have to go through to get there. When you’re in a difficult situation, you have to tap into your greater self, and your mind will find its way out of it. When life is fighting you, it creates a sense of urgency, but we should be able to have this urgency, even when you’re not being challenged. Learn to anticipate obstacles and visualize through the fog that you will experience.

Nov 13, 2017

People shy away from really putting concrete numerical value on their goals. Why does this set them back in a huge way? How can you start tracking your work better? How can you go about setting business goals that don’t ultimately take you away from the things that matter? On this clip, we are joined by coach Hank Avink who shares the biggest business mistakes agents are making, and how to stop making them right now.

Three Things We Learned

It’s hard being a spouse and a parent so it’s sometimes easier to spend more time at work

For some people who excel at work and find themselves struggling at home, the praise, success and accolades of the job are a lot easier to do than the work, commitment and routine of being a spouse and a parent.

So many people are afraid to raise their standards because it will push people away

A lot of people stay in business relationships that just aren’t working for them because they are too comfortable and they fear saying they want more out of it. Raising your standards will change a lot of relationships but ultimately it will give way to better ones.

If you’re really good and people want you, they’ll adjust their schedule

A lot of people have a scarcity mindset, and that leads to them taking on jobs that don’t suit them or shifting important things in their lives to make clients happy. If you truly provide value to your clients, they will be happy to adjust things to your needs and accommodate you.

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A lot of entrepreneurs shy away from putting a solid, concrete numerical value on goals, they can hold themselves accountable to and then underestimate the importance of staying in relationship with these goals. If you’re a business owner and you’re not tracking your activity in a real way, you’re faking it. Take the time to be in balance with what you really want, interrogate your schedule to make sure you’re making the best use of your time and make the pain of not following your schedule greater than the pain of following it. When you follow your schedule, you get predictable results, and that will give you your best year ever.

Nov 10, 2017

Human relationships are in low supply, and people are starved for authentic connections. How can you make this the basis of your real estate business? How do you play to your strengths and unique abilities? What elements help you find your own unique ability? On this episode, we are joined by rockstar agent and coach Chris Angell who shares valuable insights on these topics.

Three Things We Learned

We don’t trust ourselves because something tells us we’re not good enough

We constantly look outside of ourselves for answers because we don’t trust our core and we’re always trying to find external solutions to our problems because of that. When we play to what makes us unique, we solve this.

Nobody plays in the top of the funnel

Everybody is fishing for business in the middle and the bottom of the sales funnel, but if you can be valuable to people at the top of the funnel, they will think of you when the need for your service arises.

The flip side of a complaint is a commitment

Think deeply about the things that frustrate you, they aren’t coincidental. The reason we complain about something is because we wish it was different. If we complain about something it’s because we are committed to the result on the other side, and we’ll be willing to work for it.

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Every human being has their own superpower, and when you unlock it everything about business and life gets easier. Be intentional about being useful to your database so it can grow. Create content that nurtures a relationship with those people. Build a tribe of people who like what you say, and feed them into your database. The sales process isn’t about convincing people to do something that isn’t in their best interest, it is the process of taking the responsibility upon yourself to get someone the results they want and wouldn’t get without you. Remember this is a relationship-based industry, and the consumer is looking for authentic and real right now, so be authentically you.

Oct 27, 2017

The true measure of fulfillment is not being contingent on outside circumstances for happiness. How do you find the inner push for your happiness? How does your morning routine set you up for a successful day? Why is forgiveness such a powerful part of becoming your best self? On this episode, we talk to Sarah Rose Reiter about how she overcame personal obstacles through mindfulness, intention and embracing the letting go process.

Three Things We Learned

A synchronistic event will show up when you set a powerful intention and make a declaration to the Universe

A synchronistic event shows up and seems to good to be true because it has been provided by the Universe, and it’s what you asked for. There’s going to be a moment of recognition that directly correlates with the intention you set. It all starts with awareness and clarity.

The letting go process is something you need to embrace

In order for good things to come into our lives, we have to let go of the bad. Whether it’s business or personal, an old relationship has to die in order for a better relationship to come into being, so don’t be afraid to let go.

We’re the only creature on earth that can make ourselves feel good or bad just based on our thoughts

The human mind is so powerful it impacts our emotions, negatively or positively. This is why it’s so important to harness your mind’s power so that it works to your advantage. Remember however you feel is connected by your thoughts.

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Setting a powerful intention is the very first step to making incredible things happen in your life. Setting an intention is a form of asking, praying is a form of asking and it shows the universe that you are ready to receive. Remember everything in your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. When you have resentment, you put up walls, and you perceive the world in a different way. Be open, be receptive, step into forgiveness and understand the bigger picture.

Oct 18, 2017

About a million people are publishing every week on LinkedIn but most of their content sucks. What are the biggest mistakes people are making when it comes to putting out content on LinkedIn? What is the secret to creating share-worthy content? How can you use LinkedIn to position yourself as an expert in your industry? On this episode, we are joined by LinkedIn expert Tracy Enos, who shares the LinkedIn secrets that gets her content 140+ shares.

Three Things We Learned

All activities in LinkedIn are going to start with your personal profile

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to publish content even though their profile isn’t good and the various elements aren’t dialed in. The first thing you need to do is optimize your profile so that it represents you and your brand well.

Become the go-to person in your area or industry by writing articles

The purpose of content marketing is being of value and helping people find solutions for their pain points. Start writing articles about your area or industry, and they will serve as social proof of how knowledgeable and skilled you are.

You need 10 recommendations to get more profile visibility and make sure the people recommending you are using the keyword for the service you provided

Having recommendations makes a huge impact to your profile visibility but it’s important to remember that the people who recommend you have to use the keyword for your service. That way, each recommendation boosts your ranking.

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If your content on LinkedIn is entertaining, and teachable, it will fortify you as the expert in your industry and separate you from your competition. If you can showcase that you’re an expert in your industry, you will become a magnet for clients and referrals from related professionals. It all starts with having a really great profile, knowing who your prospect is and then knowing their pain points so you write content that makes you the solution. A lot of people think the content publishing process ends when you put out the post and add links on social media, remember to promote and follow up.

Oct 13, 2017

It can be very hard for different DISC profiles to get along, let alone work together. How do you find common ground when you have very different ways of approaching tasks? How can high Ds work with Ss and Cs? How can you be more observant to how other profiles are responding to your approach? On this episode, we are joined by agent and coach Philip Simonetta who shares how to align with people you are different from.

Three Things We Learned

When you say “you don’t know me yet” to someone, it makes them want to get to know you

A great script to use on phone calls and voicemails is introducing yourself and telling people that they don’t know you yet. This will get their attention and make them actually want to find out who you are.

Your goal should be to leave people better off than you find them

When it comes to building a team and being a good employer and even a good agent, it’s important to be of value and work with the goal of making people's lives better. If you lead with this, you won’t even need to make a sale because your authenticity comes across quickly.

Working with S and Cs: Slow down, soften towards them and let them see you being yourself

It can be hard for a high D to relate to the high S and C because their approaches are so different, and an S and C can easily shut down if it feels like they’re being pushed too aggressively. Learn to slow down and soften to accommodate them.  

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It’s important to remember that people are different. They approach things differently and require different communication approaches. When you’re a high D trying to understand a high I, use your ability to adapt to get in their shoes, and start seeing the world from their perspective. Ss can be stubborn and easily shut down if you’re too aggressive, so soften and observe so you can change your approach accordingly.

Oct 12, 2017

In music and real estate, setting yourself apart is a very important step to attracting the right clients. How do you build your tribe and utilize social media? How does overthinking hold you back? Why is it so important to have a strong product? On this episode, we are joined by musician Derek Sherinian, and agent Stephen Adika.

Three Things We Learned

People who think too much never do

While it’s great to analyze every move before you make it, it’s very easy to become a victim of analysis paralysis. Learn to get into action and make adjustments as you go along. If you think too much you won’t get anything done.

Synchronize mental, physical and spiritual

When you align every part of you, it will turn you into a beast and you’ll be able to work with more fire and determination. If you’re able to align exercise, mental habits and spirituality with what you do for a living, it brings a whole new energy to your life.

If your product isn’t good, no amount of promotion and strategy will be worth it

A marketing strategy has to start with a very good product, so before you do anything else, make sure your product is great so that what is said about it and what it is align.

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A lot of people don’t have the audacity to knock on doors or make the leap to make their lives better. If you have audacity, and develop your signature style you can set yourself apart. It’s also important to identify your tribe and play to them. Never forget the importance of consistency, and keep in mind that, if you’re not feeling good internally, it will affect your work and your relationships. Whatever goal you have, remember to make it the most important thing in your life.

Oct 10, 2017

A lot of people in real estate underestimate what it means to do it all. What are the three things you need to dial in to succeed with listings? Why are profits better than wages? How do you find common ground and build rapport with sellers? On this episode, we are joined by real estate top producer, coach and author Hoss Pratt, who answers these questions.

Three Things We Learned

One-to-many conversations are the most profitable

Salespeople take steps with their skills, starting with being able to master being on the phone, then having one-on-one conversations with people in and person, and then finally making a leap towards one-to-many conversations like training and speaking engagements. This is what is most profitable.

However you’re most comfortable is how you should present

People make the mistake of thinking there is one way to present, but what makes the most sense is doing what makes you comfortable so you can be your best. What you need, more than anything is a framework, and being able to build rapport.

A confused mind doesn’t buy

Don’t get too technical in your listing presentations because a confused mind won’t be able to buy from you. Learn to dumb down your presentation so that it can actually convert.

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When it comes to systems, it’s important to remember that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The systems you need already exist, all you have to do is plug into them, turn down the noise and do the work. When it comes to listing presentations, remember that rapport trumps everything, and rapport is built on commonality. A confused mind won’t buy so make sure your presentation is clear.

Oct 9, 2017

When it comes to FSBOs, most agents are told to go for the listing even though they might end up in conflict with the seller. Why does this approach guarantee that you’ll lose the listing?

What is the right way to approach a seller so you can get the listing ultimately? Why is agreement your way to securing the listing? On this episode, we are joined by top producing agent and coach Brandon Mulrenin who shares his revolutionary strategy for FSBOs.

Three Things We Learned

Be 100% Agreeable with the Agent

The biggest mistake most agents make when it comes to communicating with FSBOs is they try to convince the sellers that selling on their own is a mistake, which immediately creates conflict. Instead, it is much smarter to agree with them, provide them with the resources to make the process easier and then when they need more help, they will lean on you further.

They’re not a lead, they are a human being

We alienate sellers and get in the way of building a relationship with people when we dehumanize them and think of them as leads and a means to an end. All you need to do is shift your thinking and approach and remember that these are people with families, and needs and you need to build a relationship with them.

In content marketing give everything away, then you’ll attract the people that want to do business with you

Most people think it’s a smart strategy to hold onto their most valuable content so they can get people to pay for it. The right way to go about this is giving away what’s really valuable because it shows a spirit of contribution. That’s how people connect with you.

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Until you understand the importance of contribution, you’ll have a hard time reaching your goals. Sellers need an advocate and a support system, not someone who just sees them as a lead and way to make money. It’s all about showing people that you put their needs and their success before your own. The strategy with FSBOs is being agreeable on the phone so that you’re able to meet them face to face, so that you can build a relationship with them.

Oct 3, 2017

Agents often find themselves wanting to take action, but end up stuck and frustrated because of what they believe deep down. How do your beliefs determine your behavior? How do you clean up the dumpster fire of negative and limiting thoughts? How do you unearth unspoken objections? On this episode, we talk to mindset coach Kim Ades about what truly gets in our way.

Three Things We Learned

Don’t think of it as a listing presentation, think of it as a needs assessment

Agents get tripped up in listing presentations because they think of them as presentations and not an opportunity to understand the needs of the other person. You will then focus more on winning and less on determining if you’re even a good fit for them. Turn the conversation around from presenting to understanding, and that will take the pressure off.  

Ask Yourself the Right Questions to Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

When it comes to determining what’s stopping you from moving forward on your goals, you have to get really honest with yourself and ask questions like, what you believe about your ability and likelihood of reaching your goal, if you’re capable and whether or not you have the resources.

Create a series of beliefs that are buyable

Switching your beliefs from bad to good doesn’t happen overnight. What you need is point by point transformative change. Don’t underestimate how much influence the back of your head has, and how your beliefs will conflict with what you already think of yourself. Make sure you’re giving yourself beliefs that you can actually believe in so that they stick.

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Beliefs will always determine behavior. The biggest mistake we make is rushing to take action right away before being clear on limiting beliefs. Until we examine our thinking we’ll always get tripped up in what holds us back. If your thoughts aren’t aligned with your goals you can take all the action in the world and still not reach your goals because there is a flaw in the process. Take the time to bring up all the negative thoughts that are eroding your ability to reach your goals and replace them with beliefs that allow you to behave and take action with ease.

Oct 2, 2017

The average agent thinks of themselves as a celebrity whose brand is enough to attract leads, and they couldn’t be more lost. What is the right way to build a brand that actually delivers value? Why are dabblers always going to fail to succeed in the long-term? Why is video where you should be putting your energy? On this episode, we are joined by lead specialist Edwin Dearborn who gives us massive value.  

Three Things We Learned

Everyday that you avoid going on video is everyday you’re antiquating your brand

By the year 2020, 80% of the content consumed online will be video. If you’re not getting into video right now, you are going to be left so far behind that you won’t be able to catch up. YouTube is the world’s biggest reality TV channel. It doesn’t take much to start publishing your own content.

A brand needs to focus away from the egocentric

Most people who think of building a brand think about it in an egocentric light, like they are famous people who will just generate leads without any effort. You need to give people value in the form of content, and use social media to position yourself as the digital major of your town, not a celebrity that is entitled to attention.

It’s rare to find a successful team that has more than 3 lead generation pillars

The most successful agents and teams don’t dabble in different lead generation pillars. The average agent dabbles and is never able to go deep on one thing. Instead they find themselves with pieces of unfinished actions that don’t take them anywhere. Wealthy people intensify on fewer things.

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All your branding operations needs to be less egocentric and more value focused. If you can bring real value and be authentic, people have an antennae for that and they will pick up on it.

The goal is to generate leads that are unique and actionable, and you have to make sure you qualify your leads by the quality of their source and age. Remember your resources are the sources of your business. Use video content to showcase the lifestyle of the area you work in, and think of your business as a media company that happens to sell real estate. In this market place, this is how you will stay ahead of the game.

Oct 1, 2017

Consumers are exposed to 60,000 brand messages each day. How do you make sure your message is seen by the right people? What does it take to set yourself apart from everyone else? Why is consistency so critical to your success? On this episode we answer these questions in a live Q&A.

Three Things We Learned

Personal category design is all about blue water hunting

The biggest mistake most business owners make is going into the market talking about how much better they are than their competitors. The problem with this thinking is that it’s hard for a customer who’s looking from the outside to really see what truly makes you better. If you want to make an impact, talk about what makes you different and unique in a way that is relevant to your target market.

Pay close attention to your prospect and adjust to your prospect

It’s important to have business relationships where you get to be your authentic self, and sometimes this can be an organic process that takes place as soon as you meet people. Sometimes the process requires you to pay attention to the personality of your prospect and adjust to their needs and disposition. Being adaptable is a very important skill in this business.

The notion of exclusive seller leads is very flawed

Trying to find exclusive leads is a shortcut that doesn’t really exist. In today’s world, there is so much competition for leads online, so it’s impossible to find one that’s just for you. The key thing is differentiating yourself so even when you’re competing with other agents, you stand out.

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The business world is highly competitive, and category kings take 70% or higher of the market share. If you’re not competing at that level, you will end up fighting for scraps and not getting very far. Don’t tell people you’re better, show them that you are different. It’s all about showing how you uniquely solve a problem that’s relevant to other people. It’s about attracting the people that like what makes you different.

Sep 28, 2017

Starting a company is easy, but running it successfully, growing it and keeping people happy isn’t. How do you run a team where people are happy and highly valuable? What’s the right way to approach coaching without burning people out? What are the biggest mistakes agents make in running their businesses? On this episode, we are joined by Firepoint Solutions CEO, Chris Tamm who goes deep on these and many other insights.

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Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.

Three Things We Learned

People take coaching and sales management too far to the point that they burn out on it

The most effective and successful coaching emphasizes incremental growth every single day, not big leaps that are easy to fall behind on. Short daily catch ups and check ins are less overwhelming but at the same time more likely to create behavioral change and allow for accountability.

Entrepreneurs think beyond return on investment, they think of return on time

People who don’t have an entrepreneurial mind often think of how much money something is going to cost, without thinking of the return they will get in time ultimately. Spending time coaching your staff to be better will give you an unlimited return on time because of what it brings back to your business.

Getting 80% sure and executing is way better than getting 90 or 100% sure

Most people get stuck in inaction by waiting to be 100% sure on something before they launch and implement, but the truth is you might find yourself waiting forever. It’s better to get even 80% sure, launch and then learn as you go along. Sometimes the remaining 20% is just opinion.

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Whenever you set up a new system, remember that the people working it aren’t robots. Coaching and care is needed. 10-15 minutes with each agent every week gives you a look into how well they are working the system. Most agents make the mistake of coming up with temporary fixes for their business problems so they can just get clients. What’s crucial is setting up a system that provides a steady stream of your ideal clients, that you can just run and maintain so those problems are permanently solved. Remember, you don’t have to get things 100% right every time. It’s better to improve as you go along than to be inactive waiting for everything to be right.

Sep 27, 2017

When most people think about goals, they focus only on business goals and forget all the other pillars of their lives. Why is it important to consider other goals? What gets in the way of people taking action on the goals that will make an impact? Why is journaling important? On this episode, we are joined by Andy Scherer and Gene Volpe and we go deep answering these questions.

3 Things We Learned

When most people think goals they gravitate towards business goals

When it comes to goal setting, it’s important to think beyond your business and your work. A fulfilling life is made up of so many more aspects like health, family, relationships and spirituality. Factor those things into your goal setting.

The uncomfortable feeling of the actions you need to take stops us from executing on our goals

We all have actions we have to take to grow our business, be healthier and happier, like making calls or going to the gym. These actions are uncomfortable, and the discomfort blocks us from getting into action. To overcome this our desire for growth and success have to be greater than not wanting to feel uncomfortable.

We don’t go for what we want because we don’t know what we want

Clarity is freedom, energy and the basis of the fuel we need to get to our intended destination. Without clarity, we’re basically swimming in muddy water, and it delays our success. Once we know exactly what we want, energy can be applied to it and the Universe will get out of your way so these intentions become reality.

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Most people are held back because the pain of not following through on their intentions isn’t big enough, or their WHY isn’t great enough. When you can have clarity on what fuels your actions, you will be committed and consistent at taking action. It’s important to understand the strategic plan for where you want to go and how to get there. The true magic happens when you’ve provided that fuel for your goals, and have a strategy broken down into milestones, and weekly and daily intentions. Learn to be a student of yourself so you can constantly improve and evolve.

Sep 26, 2017

Real estate services for the military is a worthy niche for agents to consider. How does it differ from civilian real estate? What is the loan process and why is it so important to be informative, available and helpful? How do agents market themselves on base? On this episode, we are joined by Larry Luna and Bree Meloan, who are experts when it comes to military real estate.

Three Things We Learned

The military is a tight unit and if one person knows that you’re in real estate they will refer their circle

In the military, the rules about marketing yourself as an agent are a lot stricter. The inventory of an agent is considered to be in competition with the base’s real estate. Most business comes by way of referral after you’ve worked well with one person. The community is super tight knit so this is what will bring the business.

Being accessible to clients who are deployed makes a big impact

In all real estate, it’s important to be available to your clients in their times of need. In military real estate, your clients won’t always be in the same time zone as you are. When you make yourself available to them, it really makes them feel valued and cared for.

The VA limits specific expenses and costs that can be charged to the veteran

The main goal of the VA’s rules for real estate is protecting the veteran. Appraisals are a lot more strict to make sure the house doesn’t have issues, and there’s no requirement for down payments to keep expenses down for the veteran.

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If you’re looking for niche or category that you can potentially dominate, consider working with military buyers and sellers. They are people who deserve excellent service from someone who is experienced and dedicated. The home buying process can be difficult and daunting, and if you can be valuable you will gain referrals and make a difference.

Sep 25, 2017

In this information age, we get so overloaded on consuming content that we can end up not implementing anything. How do you make sure you’re putting your lessons into action? Why is not being able to close a symptom of a problem? On this episode, we answer these questions and discuss time blocking, and how what you focus on expands.

Three Things We Learned

Talking about something is awesome as long as it leads to action

It’s easy to consume so much data and so much information, but if it just sits in your mind without being put into action, it’s a huge waste. The key to success isn’t accumulating all the knowledge in the world, it’s all about making sure it create behavior change.

People want a solution to be complicated

Most solutions to leading a better life are very simple, but the problem is people expect them to be complicated. People expect complications because it is the only way to explain why they haven’t been able to make it happen in the first place.

Find Your Biggest Limiting Factor

We all have one thing that stands between us and success and most of it has to do with mindset, and limiting beliefs. If you can identify these beliefs and overcome them - that brings you closer to the life you want.

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Most people’s limiting factors have nothing to do with lead generation and a lot more to do with themselves. When you find that limiting factor you’ll be able to rise above it and make you and your business better. We’re in an age where we consume a lot of content, but we need to be careful not to miss out on the importance of implementation. Put your focus into the things you want to happen, not the things you don’t want.

Sep 24, 2017

A lot of people think success follows hard, horrible work but this is the wrong way of looking at it. How do you align with your own definition of success? Why does comparison make us miserable? How can you achieve success without running yourself into the ground? On this episode, we are joined by success coach, Roberta Ross - who shares on achieving true fulfillment and happiness.

Three Things We Learned

We are conditioned to take motivated action not inspired action

Motivated action comes from an external push, or a need to accomplish something that corresponds with an external force or circumstance. Inspired action comes from within, and it’s how we are able to make things happen for ourselves easily. We should always aim to work from a place of inspiration.

Fear has many derivatives - panic, anxiety, sadness, doubt, depression etc

What might look like anger, anxiety and doubt on the outside are all just signs of fear and taking action from a place of fear. Even though fear can be an effective push to action, it very often leads us to things that aren’t aligned with our true selves.

Happiness and success have to be unconditional

We’ve been conditioned to think happiness only happens when we’ve achieved certain things, but true happiness is unconditional. True joy has more to do with how we feel inside and how we view the things that happen to us. If you’re able to just be happy as you are right now, that creates a lasting joy that can’t be challenged or touched.

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We’ve been taught that our greatest joys and accomplishments come from struggling and suffering towards a goal. As a result, we miss out on a success that can happen with greater ease and give us so much more joy. We waste time by comparing ourselves to others, trying to fit into someone else’s idea of success or not taking the time to be content with where we are. True success is a matter of aligning your business with the strategies that are aligned to and play into who you are. The rest can be delegated or let go of completely. Align your business with who you are and what your real talents and passions are and you’ll see how easy success can actually be.

Sep 23, 2017

For a lot of agents starting out in the business, being young can be a disadvantage. How do you stop your age from being a barrier to your success? Why do you need a mentor and how will you know what to look for in one? In this clip, we talk to one of Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 agents Jessica Randolph.

Resources + Links

Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.

Three Things We Learned

Reach out to people as if they already like you

A lot of what drives reluctance in agents is the fear of reaching out to people who probably don’t like you. To overcome this, mindset is the most important thing. Work with the assumption that people already like you, so reaching out doesn’t feel so difficult.

A personal life says a lot about who you are and it says a lot about your priorities.

When you’re choosing your mentor, it’s easy to focus on the professional attributes they bring to the table and ignore details like their personal life. It’s important to look at someone’s home life because that’s where you really get to see what their why is.

As a young agent, focus on what you can offer, not what you can’t.

Just because you don’t bring age and experience to the table, that doesn’t mean you don’t have value to give. When you’re marketing yourself to people, make sure you focus on what you do well, whether it’s knowledge of technology or having more time to focus on them.

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Marketing in real estate is all about relationships and being able to build them even when you think you’re too young or too inexperienced. If you can’t offer age and experience, lead with what you do have working in your favor. Remember it all has to do with being clear on your value and fighting for it. At the end of the day success comes down to your attitude and mindset. It’s also important to find a mentor you really admire.

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