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Oct 3, 2017

Agents often find themselves wanting to take action, but end up stuck and frustrated because of what they believe deep down. How do your beliefs determine your behavior? How do you clean up the dumpster fire of negative and limiting thoughts? How do you unearth unspoken objections? On this episode, we talk to mindset coach Kim Ades about what truly gets in our way.

Three Things We Learned

Don’t think of it as a listing presentation, think of it as a needs assessment

Agents get tripped up in listing presentations because they think of them as presentations and not an opportunity to understand the needs of the other person. You will then focus more on winning and less on determining if you’re even a good fit for them. Turn the conversation around from presenting to understanding, and that will take the pressure off.  

Ask Yourself the Right Questions to Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

When it comes to determining what’s stopping you from moving forward on your goals, you have to get really honest with yourself and ask questions like, what you believe about your ability and likelihood of reaching your goal, if you’re capable and whether or not you have the resources.

Create a series of beliefs that are buyable

Switching your beliefs from bad to good doesn’t happen overnight. What you need is point by point transformative change. Don’t underestimate how much influence the back of your head has, and how your beliefs will conflict with what you already think of yourself. Make sure you’re giving yourself beliefs that you can actually believe in so that they stick.

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Beliefs will always determine behavior. The biggest mistake we make is rushing to take action right away before being clear on limiting beliefs. Until we examine our thinking we’ll always get tripped up in what holds us back. If your thoughts aren’t aligned with your goals you can take all the action in the world and still not reach your goals because there is a flaw in the process. Take the time to bring up all the negative thoughts that are eroding your ability to reach your goals and replace them with beliefs that allow you to behave and take action with ease.

Oct 2, 2017

The average agent thinks of themselves as a celebrity whose brand is enough to attract leads, and they couldn’t be more lost. What is the right way to build a brand that actually delivers value? Why are dabblers always going to fail to succeed in the long-term? Why is video where you should be putting your energy? On this episode, we are joined by lead specialist Edwin Dearborn who gives us massive value.  

Three Things We Learned

Everyday that you avoid going on video is everyday you’re antiquating your brand

By the year 2020, 80% of the content consumed online will be video. If you’re not getting into video right now, you are going to be left so far behind that you won’t be able to catch up. YouTube is the world’s biggest reality TV channel. It doesn’t take much to start publishing your own content.

A brand needs to focus away from the egocentric

Most people who think of building a brand think about it in an egocentric light, like they are famous people who will just generate leads without any effort. You need to give people value in the form of content, and use social media to position yourself as the digital major of your town, not a celebrity that is entitled to attention.

It’s rare to find a successful team that has more than 3 lead generation pillars

The most successful agents and teams don’t dabble in different lead generation pillars. The average agent dabbles and is never able to go deep on one thing. Instead they find themselves with pieces of unfinished actions that don’t take them anywhere. Wealthy people intensify on fewer things.

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All your branding operations needs to be less egocentric and more value focused. If you can bring real value and be authentic, people have an antennae for that and they will pick up on it.

The goal is to generate leads that are unique and actionable, and you have to make sure you qualify your leads by the quality of their source and age. Remember your resources are the sources of your business. Use video content to showcase the lifestyle of the area you work in, and think of your business as a media company that happens to sell real estate. In this market place, this is how you will stay ahead of the game.

Oct 1, 2017

Consumers are exposed to 60,000 brand messages each day. How do you make sure your message is seen by the right people? What does it take to set yourself apart from everyone else? Why is consistency so critical to your success? On this episode we answer these questions in a live Q&A.

Three Things We Learned

Personal category design is all about blue water hunting

The biggest mistake most business owners make is going into the market talking about how much better they are than their competitors. The problem with this thinking is that it’s hard for a customer who’s looking from the outside to really see what truly makes you better. If you want to make an impact, talk about what makes you different and unique in a way that is relevant to your target market.

Pay close attention to your prospect and adjust to your prospect

It’s important to have business relationships where you get to be your authentic self, and sometimes this can be an organic process that takes place as soon as you meet people. Sometimes the process requires you to pay attention to the personality of your prospect and adjust to their needs and disposition. Being adaptable is a very important skill in this business.

The notion of exclusive seller leads is very flawed

Trying to find exclusive leads is a shortcut that doesn’t really exist. In today’s world, there is so much competition for leads online, so it’s impossible to find one that’s just for you. The key thing is differentiating yourself so even when you’re competing with other agents, you stand out.

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The business world is highly competitive, and category kings take 70% or higher of the market share. If you’re not competing at that level, you will end up fighting for scraps and not getting very far. Don’t tell people you’re better, show them that you are different. It’s all about showing how you uniquely solve a problem that’s relevant to other people. It’s about attracting the people that like what makes you different.

Sep 28, 2017

Starting a company is easy, but running it successfully, growing it and keeping people happy isn’t. How do you run a team where people are happy and highly valuable? What’s the right way to approach coaching without burning people out? What are the biggest mistakes agents make in running their businesses? On this episode, we are joined by Firepoint Solutions CEO, Chris Tamm who goes deep on these and many other insights.

Resources + Links

Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.

Three Things We Learned

People take coaching and sales management too far to the point that they burn out on it

The most effective and successful coaching emphasizes incremental growth every single day, not big leaps that are easy to fall behind on. Short daily catch ups and check ins are less overwhelming but at the same time more likely to create behavioral change and allow for accountability.

Entrepreneurs think beyond return on investment, they think of return on time

People who don’t have an entrepreneurial mind often think of how much money something is going to cost, without thinking of the return they will get in time ultimately. Spending time coaching your staff to be better will give you an unlimited return on time because of what it brings back to your business.

Getting 80% sure and executing is way better than getting 90 or 100% sure

Most people get stuck in inaction by waiting to be 100% sure on something before they launch and implement, but the truth is you might find yourself waiting forever. It’s better to get even 80% sure, launch and then learn as you go along. Sometimes the remaining 20% is just opinion.

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Whenever you set up a new system, remember that the people working it aren’t robots. Coaching and care is needed. 10-15 minutes with each agent every week gives you a look into how well they are working the system. Most agents make the mistake of coming up with temporary fixes for their business problems so they can just get clients. What’s crucial is setting up a system that provides a steady stream of your ideal clients, that you can just run and maintain so those problems are permanently solved. Remember, you don’t have to get things 100% right every time. It’s better to improve as you go along than to be inactive waiting for everything to be right.

Sep 27, 2017

When most people think about goals, they focus only on business goals and forget all the other pillars of their lives. Why is it important to consider other goals? What gets in the way of people taking action on the goals that will make an impact? Why is journaling important? On this episode, we are joined by Andy Scherer and Gene Volpe and we go deep answering these questions.

3 Things We Learned

When most people think goals they gravitate towards business goals

When it comes to goal setting, it’s important to think beyond your business and your work. A fulfilling life is made up of so many more aspects like health, family, relationships and spirituality. Factor those things into your goal setting.

The uncomfortable feeling of the actions you need to take stops us from executing on our goals

We all have actions we have to take to grow our business, be healthier and happier, like making calls or going to the gym. These actions are uncomfortable, and the discomfort blocks us from getting into action. To overcome this our desire for growth and success have to be greater than not wanting to feel uncomfortable.

We don’t go for what we want because we don’t know what we want

Clarity is freedom, energy and the basis of the fuel we need to get to our intended destination. Without clarity, we’re basically swimming in muddy water, and it delays our success. Once we know exactly what we want, energy can be applied to it and the Universe will get out of your way so these intentions become reality.

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Most people are held back because the pain of not following through on their intentions isn’t big enough, or their WHY isn’t great enough. When you can have clarity on what fuels your actions, you will be committed and consistent at taking action. It’s important to understand the strategic plan for where you want to go and how to get there. The true magic happens when you’ve provided that fuel for your goals, and have a strategy broken down into milestones, and weekly and daily intentions. Learn to be a student of yourself so you can constantly improve and evolve.

Sep 26, 2017

Real estate services for the military is a worthy niche for agents to consider. How does it differ from civilian real estate? What is the loan process and why is it so important to be informative, available and helpful? How do agents market themselves on base? On this episode, we are joined by Larry Luna and Bree Meloan, who are experts when it comes to military real estate.

Three Things We Learned

The military is a tight unit and if one person knows that you’re in real estate they will refer their circle

In the military, the rules about marketing yourself as an agent are a lot stricter. The inventory of an agent is considered to be in competition with the base’s real estate. Most business comes by way of referral after you’ve worked well with one person. The community is super tight knit so this is what will bring the business.

Being accessible to clients who are deployed makes a big impact

In all real estate, it’s important to be available to your clients in their times of need. In military real estate, your clients won’t always be in the same time zone as you are. When you make yourself available to them, it really makes them feel valued and cared for.

The VA limits specific expenses and costs that can be charged to the veteran

The main goal of the VA’s rules for real estate is protecting the veteran. Appraisals are a lot more strict to make sure the house doesn’t have issues, and there’s no requirement for down payments to keep expenses down for the veteran.

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If you’re looking for niche or category that you can potentially dominate, consider working with military buyers and sellers. They are people who deserve excellent service from someone who is experienced and dedicated. The home buying process can be difficult and daunting, and if you can be valuable you will gain referrals and make a difference.

Sep 25, 2017

In this information age, we get so overloaded on consuming content that we can end up not implementing anything. How do you make sure you’re putting your lessons into action? Why is not being able to close a symptom of a problem? On this episode, we answer these questions and discuss time blocking, and how what you focus on expands.

Three Things We Learned

Talking about something is awesome as long as it leads to action

It’s easy to consume so much data and so much information, but if it just sits in your mind without being put into action, it’s a huge waste. The key to success isn’t accumulating all the knowledge in the world, it’s all about making sure it create behavior change.

People want a solution to be complicated

Most solutions to leading a better life are very simple, but the problem is people expect them to be complicated. People expect complications because it is the only way to explain why they haven’t been able to make it happen in the first place.

Find Your Biggest Limiting Factor

We all have one thing that stands between us and success and most of it has to do with mindset, and limiting beliefs. If you can identify these beliefs and overcome them - that brings you closer to the life you want.

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Most people’s limiting factors have nothing to do with lead generation and a lot more to do with themselves. When you find that limiting factor you’ll be able to rise above it and make you and your business better. We’re in an age where we consume a lot of content, but we need to be careful not to miss out on the importance of implementation. Put your focus into the things you want to happen, not the things you don’t want.

Sep 24, 2017

A lot of people think success follows hard, horrible work but this is the wrong way of looking at it. How do you align with your own definition of success? Why does comparison make us miserable? How can you achieve success without running yourself into the ground? On this episode, we are joined by success coach, Roberta Ross - who shares on achieving true fulfillment and happiness.

Three Things We Learned

We are conditioned to take motivated action not inspired action

Motivated action comes from an external push, or a need to accomplish something that corresponds with an external force or circumstance. Inspired action comes from within, and it’s how we are able to make things happen for ourselves easily. We should always aim to work from a place of inspiration.

Fear has many derivatives - panic, anxiety, sadness, doubt, depression etc

What might look like anger, anxiety and doubt on the outside are all just signs of fear and taking action from a place of fear. Even though fear can be an effective push to action, it very often leads us to things that aren’t aligned with our true selves.

Happiness and success have to be unconditional

We’ve been conditioned to think happiness only happens when we’ve achieved certain things, but true happiness is unconditional. True joy has more to do with how we feel inside and how we view the things that happen to us. If you’re able to just be happy as you are right now, that creates a lasting joy that can’t be challenged or touched.

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We’ve been taught that our greatest joys and accomplishments come from struggling and suffering towards a goal. As a result, we miss out on a success that can happen with greater ease and give us so much more joy. We waste time by comparing ourselves to others, trying to fit into someone else’s idea of success or not taking the time to be content with where we are. True success is a matter of aligning your business with the strategies that are aligned to and play into who you are. The rest can be delegated or let go of completely. Align your business with who you are and what your real talents and passions are and you’ll see how easy success can actually be.

Sep 23, 2017

For a lot of agents starting out in the business, being young can be a disadvantage. How do you stop your age from being a barrier to your success? Why do you need a mentor and how will you know what to look for in one? In this clip, we talk to one of Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 agents Jessica Randolph.

Resources + Links

Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.

Three Things We Learned

Reach out to people as if they already like you

A lot of what drives reluctance in agents is the fear of reaching out to people who probably don’t like you. To overcome this, mindset is the most important thing. Work with the assumption that people already like you, so reaching out doesn’t feel so difficult.

A personal life says a lot about who you are and it says a lot about your priorities.

When you’re choosing your mentor, it’s easy to focus on the professional attributes they bring to the table and ignore details like their personal life. It’s important to look at someone’s home life because that’s where you really get to see what their why is.

As a young agent, focus on what you can offer, not what you can’t.

Just because you don’t bring age and experience to the table, that doesn’t mean you don’t have value to give. When you’re marketing yourself to people, make sure you focus on what you do well, whether it’s knowledge of technology or having more time to focus on them.

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Marketing in real estate is all about relationships and being able to build them even when you think you’re too young or too inexperienced. If you can’t offer age and experience, lead with what you do have working in your favor. Remember it all has to do with being clear on your value and fighting for it. At the end of the day success comes down to your attitude and mindset. It’s also important to find a mentor you really admire.

Sep 22, 2017

When it comes to achieving goals, a lot of people want as close to instant as they can get. How does this get in the way of real progress and growth? How should you go about steering the path to success? What’s a big mistake coaches make? On this episode, we talk about goal setting, rituals, coaching and accountability.

Resources + Links

Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.

Three Things We Learned

Most coaches make the mistake of dictating from the top down, what they think their clients should do.

A lot of coaches have to grapple with clients who never follow through on plans made, but a lot of the times it’s due to the coach’s approach. When a coach tries to dictate what a client should do, it won’t work. What works is the client coming up with goals and the coach holding them accountable to what they’ve already decided.

A lot of us make goals based on what sounds good to other people.

When we make goals, it’s important to be clear that they are ours and not put on us by other people’s expectations. We will always steer ourselves towards the subconscious ideas we have of success, so it’s important to work harder on setting goals from within not from what you think you should do.

It’s important to have different people in your life that speak into different areas of your life

One mistake we make is we try to get all kinds of advice from the same people, but we actually need is to lean on different people for the different kinds of wisdom they have. Build a mastermind group of people in your life who are experts on things like business, spirituality, mindset and personal relationships.

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A lot of what holds agents back from success has nothing to do with the actual business, and more to do with their mindset, beliefs and daily habits. It’s important to cut through this with personal development, learning and setting the right goals to move forward. When it comes to making a path towards success - we have to define it for ourselves and then take the daily actions to get us there.

Aug 25, 2017

For many people, being young can be a disadvantage in the real estate business. How do you make yourself stand out and provide value to show your expertise? How can you employ social media tactics to get more clients? How do you go about hiring an assistant who won’t eventually become a rival? On this episode, we are joined by young agent Jamie Tian, who shares the strategies behind her successful career.

Takeaways + Tactics

Keeping in touch with old clients is the best way to get more listings and leads.

Link up with adjacent business owners who also work with the type of people you’re targeting.

You have to stick with your marketing strategy for a long time for it to stick.


At the start of the show, Jamie shared how she got started, and where most of her business comes from. She also shared on the importance of taking a marketing strategy long term and how she uses social media to get clients. We also talked about finding the right assistant, signing buyer-agent agreements and what Jamie would do differently if she had to do it all over again.

Jamie also talked about;

  • Why geographic farming isn’t going to go away
  • Communicating with international clients
  • How young agents can prove themselves

You don’t have to be an old dog to win clients and become successful. Being younger just means you have to prove yourself more and show your expertise. Be reliable and overwhelm them with value and knowledge. Remember you’re not going to connect with every single person, so don’t take rejection personally. Just work on clicking with the right people, being valuable and everything else will fall into place.

Guest Bio-

Jamie specializes in properties throughout Los Angeles including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, DTLA, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood,West LA, Westwood and the Sunset Strip. As a top producing agent at Rodeo Realty, Jamie takes pride in her discretion while providing the finest service to clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to A-list celebrities. She also provides invaluable services such as reliable contacts to her investor and developer clients that make her a top choice for those looking to make a profit in the Los Angeles real estate market. Go to for more information.

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Aug 24, 2017

When it comes to social media, a lot of us do too much all at once. What are the biggest mistakes people are making with their posting and content? How do you gauge if a seller is really serious? What is a huge misconception people have about marketing? On this episode, we answer questions and discuss the common social media mistakes people are making.

Takeaways + Tactics

Don’t post the same content across all social media platforms.

Share more than your own content on social media.

Make sure you’re not just using landscape photos and videos.


At the start of the show, we answered a question on leaving a brokerage gracefully, and we started talking about the 10 social media mistakes people make and how to avoid them. We also talked about getting an authority stance over your competitors and how to use your marketing money to get business. Towards the end of the show, we shared on why you shouldn’t just share your own content.

We also talked about;

  • iPad listing presentations
  • Creative handwritten notes for FSBOs and expireds
  • Why you shouldn’t over-post on Facebook

Before you rush to be valuable across multiple social media channels, start out by being super valuable to one person in one place or to one group of people consistently. Once you’ve mastered that, you can do more for other people. When it comes to marketing, go after people you already have a connection with, who have an urgent need for what you need before you go after complete strangers.

Guest Bio-

 Click here to download your free PDF, Greg’s Favorite Scripts, featuring scripts for buyer and seller lead follow up, price reduction and objection handler scripts and much more.

Aug 23, 2017

Waiting for the recognition of other people is a downward spiral. What are the hard questions you have to ask yourself to find what fulfills you? Why is it so important to celebrate what you’re good at and what you’ve accomplished? Why is clarity so important? On this episode, we are joined by executive coach Ahalya Kethees who gives us so much value.

Takeaways + Tactics

The more clear you get about your goals, the more confident you become, and it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Take time to acknowledge yourself for your wins AND drill down to acknowledge the character traits it took to produce the win.

Most people don't get what they want because they don't have clarity on what they want.


At the start of the show, we talked about success rituals and the power of using a five-minute journal at the end of your day. Gene gave us his tech tip of the week, which is using for your social media posting. We also talked about the confidence-clarity loop, and towards the end of the show, we shared the questions we ask ourselves to get closer to our goals.

We also spoke about;

  • The power of doing self-acknowledgement
  • How to be strategic and intentional about your inner circle
  • Starting with the end in mind


To get the results you want out of life, you have to have a burning desire to accomplish your goals. Ask yourself if you’re chasing artificial goals that someone else told you to have, or if you’re doing what matters to you. Be honest about where you are now and work on where you want to go. Have the belief that it’s possible and act as if it’s going to happen and be strategic and intentional about your inner circle. When in doubt about what you want, start with what you know for sure.

Guest Bio-

Ahalya is an Executive Coach and Facilitator for Tech Leaders and Teams. Go to for more information.

Click here to download your free PDF, Greg’s Favorite Scripts, featuring scripts for buyer and seller lead follow up, price reduction and objection handler scripts and much more.

Aug 22, 2017

If you think sending an email a month is enough to effectively market to your database, think again. What do you need to do in order to be in front of the right people consistently? Why is Facebook Messenger the new email? How can you find the right people to feed into your database? On this episode, agent and marketing expert Nick Sakkis goes deep on building a wall around your database with good marketing.

Takeaways + Tactics

Build a wall around your database by running Facebook ads to them. This creates the appearance that you're "everywhere" for as little as $5/day.

People are continually chasing after the cold leads, but the real money is in the people who already know, like and trust you.

Build your Facebook Messenger list as large as possible, open rates for FB messages are 70-80% right now. Speak to people in the channel they want to be in.


At the start of the show, we talked about how Nick got started and why we’re a demand generation. Next we talked about how powerful $5 a day on Facebook advertising can be so effective. We also spoke about the power of building a wall around your crowd and how to get in front of the right people in the first place.

Nick also spoke about;

  • The truth about email open rates
  • How to get in front of the right people
  • How to get people to opt into your Facebook Messenger

If marketing was basketball, Facebook would be your point guard. Target a high number of people with exactly what they want and you’ll succeed. You’ll gain the advantage of having people come to you in their time of need, instead of you constantly having to go out and prospect all the time. Learn to build a relationship with the right people and then build a wall around the people who know, like and trust you. If you can’t afford to spend $5/day to target the people that know, like and trust you that will be around for as long as you’re around, just get another job.


Nick is the co-founder of the Sakkis Group, Nick acquired his real estate license in 2005 where he worked for Prudential Tropical Realty. Nick was born and raised in South Tampa, attending local schools, including St. Johns Greek Orthodox Day school, Plant High School and Hillsborough Community College. Growing up as a two sport athlete Nick developed a strong sense of what it takes to win and be successful. He has brought that same level commitment and perseverance to his real estate business. Go to for more information. Real Estate Marketing Rockstars

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Aug 21, 2017

People with multiple streams of income start with one engine for their business before they add something new. What misconceptions do people have about this process? What misconceptions do people have about being the digital mayors of their local area? Why is it a bad move to dilute your focus? On this episode, we answer these questions and provide massive values to our listeners.

Takeaways + Tactics

If you can’t afford good photography for a high-end listing, partner with someone who can.

Most self-made millionaires build their wealth through their business then they get into real estate to preserve it.

Even if you have an online community, the only way to maintain the sense of community is to get people to connect in person.


At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of finding the engine of your business, and why you need to go deep and not wide. Next, spoke about how wealthy people use real estate to preserve their wealth, and the importance of not diluting your focus. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the power of online communities meeting in real life.

We also shared insights on;

  • Photography for high end listing
  • How to handle a seller who micromanages a listing
  • The truth about being the digital mayor of the local area


If you focus on developing multiple streams of income at the same time, it’s very hard to focus on one thing and create the core of your business. Before you focus on developing another stream of income, make sure the first one is actually working.  It’s impossible to be an inch deep and a mile wide, so have your priorities set before you try to diversify. Remember, the people who have the most money go deep on one thing first.

Guest Bio-

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Aug 18, 2017

Paying for your marketing forces you to go deeper on perfecting all the aspects of your campaigns. How do you make sure you’re putting your most valuable marketing out? What are the secrets of lead generation? How do you know you’ve found a very talented person to work with? On this episode, we are joined by recruiting consultant and team leader Linzee Cipriani who answers these questions and provides massive value.

Takeaways + Tactics

The only purpose of a voicemail is to leave a positive impression.

A talent will continue to get increases in pay no matter where they go.

Don’t hire people just because they are similar to you.


At the start of the show, we answered a question about FSBOs, and we talked about the true purpose of voicemail. Next Gene shared his tech tip and we talked about the importance of hiring the right people. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how to determine if someone is talented.

Linzee also shared on;

  • DISC profiles and how they impact
  • Lead gen tactics that are working for her team
  • Motivation and talent

When it comes to recruiting people, you should see an elevated job track record that exceeds expectations. Talent will show itself when people talk about their life and show that they’ve continued to rise in position and earnings. Having a fire in your belly is necessary in sales, and this is something that shows through in the way someone talks about their life experiences, not in how much money they say they’ve earned.

Guest Bio-

Linzee Ciprani is the Owner/CEO of Round Table Real Estate Services (Keller Williams Real Estate – West Chester), where her proven systems and recruiting methods have taken their team to a new level. Go to for more information. Email Lizee

 Click here to download your free PDF, Greg’s Favorite Scripts, featuring scripts for buyer and seller lead follow up, price reduction and objection handler scripts and much more.

Aug 15, 2017

Stress is what drives most of us and our work. How do you make sure fear isn’t actually holding you back? What mindsets are doing more harm than good? How do you effectively do your 4th quarter push and business planning for next year? On this episode, we are joined by highly experiencing Realtor and small business coach Don Cunningham.

Takeaways + Tactics

Treat every lead like it's solid gold - UNTIL you know it's not.

When you set your goals, don't do "PFA" - Pluck a number From the Air.

Most damaging stress comes back to finances - not being able to pay your bills.


At the start of the show, we answered a question about mailers and why they are a great strategy. Don said, “mailers work especially if you have a geographic farm.” We also talked about why mailers can be more successful now because everyone is doing email and social media. Next we talked about the power of having a plan to match your goal, and how to become worthy of the level you’re trying to rise to. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the necessity of tracking numbers and metrics. Repetition breeds success.

Don also shared on;

  • Transitioning from success to significance
  • His approach to 4th quarter and business planning
  • The power of repetition
  • Favorite questions to ask at an open house



Whatever you don’t have in your life right now, admit that you’re not worthy of that big goal currently. All you have to do is rise to the occasion and become worthy of that leap to the next level.  A lot of what holds us back are not tactical issues but rather mindset issues. Don’t forget the importance of tracking, the ability to make intelligent decisions that will propel your decisions forward has to be based on numbers and metrics. Motivate yourself to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you by tracking the metrics that matter to your business! Don’t believe the bad influences in your mind.

Guest Bio-

Dan is the founder of Fidelity Coaching, a company that delivers results-oriented, professional coaching for Realtors and small business owners. Go to for more information.

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Aug 14, 2017

What’s the best script for converting online leads with no proven track record? What is the most powerful value proposition you can give a seller? How do you build trust with potential clients? On this episode, we host a live Q&A, and tackle these are other concerns.

Takeaways + Tactics

Open houses: do not have a picture of the front of the house - you need something they can’t see from the outside.

The best value proposition guarantees your performance and takes away the client’s risk.

When sending out mailers, don’t get swept under the rug of the weekend.


At the start of the show, we answered a question about developing a strong value proposition, and the power of having the right photos for your open house flyer. Next, we discussed how to develop content for buyer and seller webinars. Towards the end of the show, we discussed determining how much a buyer values a property.

We also talked about

  • The best days to send out mailers
  • The power of conversation
  • How to build trust with sellers

The best value statements and propositions are meant to guarantee the quality of your performance and eliminate risk. Make a big promise and take away 100% of their risk. Even if you’re new business, there’s nothing more powerful than showing genuine interest in the client’s life and you make that happen by getting into conversation so you get to know them. Once you understand the value of conversation, the more money you’ll make.


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Aug 12, 2017

Success stories can always be daunting because it seems so hard to catch up. What's an easy, sustainable way to grow your business? How do you transition from going solo to being a team player? Why should you always have a clear motivation about what you want to do and where you want to expand? All these questions and more will be answered by our guest, award-winning realtor Dave Freidman.

Takeaways + Tactics

Stay focused on your key activities. Don't play in a bunch of different sandboxes.

Track your lead generation. Dave knows that his 71 Touch Strategy brought in 65 deals and a 55x ROI, and can track his marketing dollar down to the lead and appointment set.

Anytime you feel like you've hit a ceiling, you're missing a relationship in life.

We started off the show with some audience questions and Dave's advice on dealing with specific objections. Dave pointed out the benefits of throwing out a third party testimonial to get the deal. Dave then talked about his background and how he got into real estate through being an active prospector. We then talked about expanding out of your own state through resale - Dave said he sees a lot of potential in South Carolina already, so he prefers to stay local. Dave then explained his 71 Touch Strategy as his winning plan for growing your database. Then we moved on to talk about Dave's existing business - he revealed the important role of having fun and accurately tracking performance. Finally Dave talked about the importance of having the correct motivation when deciding to expand in your business. Finally, Dave summarized the most important steps for starting a team and what to look out for.

We also discussed;

  • Identifying motivation as part of securing a deal
  • Eliminating the fear from expanding your business
  • Growing and developing your database
  • How Dave's background and connections helped him expand
  • The transition from going solo to working in a team
  • Successfully delegating tasks and the importance of good recruitment
  • What a big goal looks like


Determination is key. Be on the phone every day, calling out again and again, and have a positive mindset when it comes to expanding. That will help you grasp the opportunity you need to really make it big.  Your best opportunity is in the area you're local to, the area you know and love. Identify the top potential and make sure to grab it when you can. Surround yourself with people who have the same goals - that'll help you build a disciplined team that moves towards a common goal. Finally, remember to be fun. People want to engage with someone who wants to have fun, so keep your entertaining personality because customers will relate to that and subconsciously choose you over someone else.

Guest Bio-

Dave Freidman is an award-winning realtor, based in Charleston, SC. As the owner of one of the top real estate teams in Charleston, Dave has proven that he has what it takes to find or sell a home. He has been named a Top Producing Realtor for 13 years, and is in the top 1% of Realtors worldwide. He’s also been featured on HGTV’s show House Hunters. Dave has closed hundreds of transactions over his 15+ years in real estate, earning a JD Power score of 9.5 in complete customer satisfaction for 5 years running. Dave has spent the past 15+ years analyzing the home buying and selling process for his clients. He has dedicated his time to streamlining the process and improving the results. To find out more about Dave and his work, visit  

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Aug 11, 2017

A lot of agents think they need to be busy consistently, but actually being consistently drains them. How do you manage your time to make sure you don’t burn out? What are the biggest mistakes realtors make with books and other forms of content marketing? How do you leave your legacy as a realtor? On this episode, we talk to the founder of 7-Hour book, Nick Raithel who shares why a book should be the next tool in your content marketing strategy.  

Takeaways + Tactics

When you’re tightly managed with your time, giving yourself room for a break will make a difference.

Time everything you do to have a sense of how long it takes to do something.

A book is like a business card that people won’t throw away.


At the start of the show, we talked about time management techniques and the importance of giving yourself a break. Next, we talked about the power of tracking what you do, and how to tell a story based on your life, and giving value to your clients. We went on to discuss what Nick calls the “THUD factor” and towards the end of the show we shared the biggest misconceptions people have about book writing.

Nick also shared on;

  • Managing your time expertly
  • The genesis of his business
  • The power of understanding what makes you unique
  • Why books give you credibility




If you want to stand out from the crowd, a book is a powerful thing that stays with people longer than any business card ever could. It’s a powerful way to give yourself credibility, and hit people with the “THUD factor”. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and whatever makes you you is worth putting in a book. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just infuse what works with your own unique point of view. If you’re wondering how to bring more value, consider adding books to your content marketing arsenal.

Guest Bio-

Nick Raithel is the founder of 7-Hour Book, a proven system that can give you clarity in terms of what you want to write about, assist you in developing an outline, and even partner with you in the writing itself if you don’t have the time to devote to the project. He is on a mission to help real estate investors get the recognition they deserve and attract new business and investment opportunities. Go to for more information.

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Aug 8, 2017

Facebook is something nearly everyone in the world uses and has access to. But how can you use it to grow your own business? What's the role of authenticity and being honest to the people you sell to? And why should you hold on to your sarcasm and start taking yourself a bit less seriously? We sit down with best-selling author Ryan Stewman to talk about his experience with Facebook expansion, how his background influenced his business style, and much more.

Takeaways + Tactics

Business rewards people who make mistakes.

Don't let your money lay around - put it to work and check your accounts daily.

People don't want YOU. If you want to aggressively expand your real estate business, sell the HOUSE.

We started the show with a bit of Ryan's background and how his lifestyle helped him build his business style. Then Ryan talked about his latest investment on Amazon and how this helps him make 3 grand a day. We also mentioned the benefits of buying successful, well-priced shares in big companies. Afterwards, we moved on to talk about Facebook ads and what Ryan's learned about aggressively expanding through working for a lot of businesses. He shared his best tactics about marketing and keeping in touch with possible leads. Finally, Ryan gave some more information about his new best-selling book, Elevator to The Top.

We also discussed;

  • Building a business debt-free
  • How to keep the hustle going
  • Proving your value to your market by selling a house
  • Assets you can acquire that will grow your profit
  • The importance of honesty and authenticity
  • Tactics for growing your business through Facebook
  • How is sarcasm useful in business

Take any opportunity you can find to grow and expand your business. Think about how you can present yourself to your audience - normally authenticity and honesty are your best tactics. Facebook will help you reach a lot of people, however you need to prove your value and show them why they need you to help them. Find what makes you unique and cash in on it to get those deals. Finally, if you have some money, don't just leave it sitting around. Consider all your investment opportunities. And remember that even if it looks as if they won't get you anywhere, they will pay off sooner or later.  

Guest Bio- Ryan Stewman is a salesman and 4x best selling author. In January of 2012, Ryan registered and started teaching loan officers how to use social media to gain business from real estate agents. In the first year he did over 150k in gross sales. Year 2 came to over 300k in gross sales. As of 2016, which is year 4, Ryan has closed over 2 million in gross sales. Now Ryan teaches people from all sales fields across all industries, how to sell online. To find out more about Ryan, visit

Aug 4, 2017

Uncomfortable phone conversations are part of the daily routine of any agent. How do you make sure to own your leads and secure those appointments? What are the best ways to unpack some of the most common excuses? What's the difference in how we treat different types of leads? In this episode, we join CEO of Smart Inside Sales and coach, Dale Archdekin to learn some legendary phone skills.


Takeaways + Tactics

You need to know the unique headspace of each type of lead you call.

Overcome objections by Chasing the NO. Go deeper into the rabbit hole with them.

In between each phone call, give yourself a power statement or a mantra such as "This is the call. They are waiting for me to call."

We started off the episode with Gene Volpe's tech tip of the week - using banner videos on your Facebook page to promote your business. Dale then joined us to give us some of his top tips about lead generation. Afterwards, we talked about the new trends in recruitment among top teams. We then got into the main mistakes young salespeople make when they get started on the phone. We agreed that communication is key and organic conversations are a lot more fun. We then roleplayed a common rejection script and we went to talk more about rejections. Then we discussed working with buyer leads and offering good incentive. Then Dale gave some unique advice on how ISAs can be more effective when going after different types of leads. Finally, Dale suggested some great pre-phone routines.


We also talked about;

  • Lead generating with ISAs
  • The problems with the 100% commission model
  • The role of body language
  • Using rejection to your benefit
  • Unpacking the "I have to talk to my wife" excuse
  • Two-step listing presentations


Objections are never pleasant, however you can use them to your benefit. When a lead says no, don't just give up, but try unpack it. Ask them why they're saying no and then see what you can do to change their mind, to offer them what they might be missing. Start seeing a rejection as an opportunity, rather than failure. Furthermore, always remember that different groups of leads have different experiences. You can't treat a first-time seller and a FSBO in the same way because they have a completely different view of real estate agents. Modify your script to suit every individual group. Finally, don't focus too much on your scripting. Own the conversation and listen to what the other person is saying and you'll find not only more success but also that you're enjoying the call a lot more.


Guest Bio - Dale Archdekin is CEO of Smart Inside Sales, a lead generation and real estate coaching company. Dale is currently the Director of Lead Generation for one of the top 10 teams with Keller Williams Realty. Dale uses his 15+ years of experience as a telephone prospector in various industries and his many years of inside sales management experience to successfully guide other agents and companies through the many difficulties of creating a productive and profitable inside sales department. Find out more about Dale and Smart Inside Sales at

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Jul 31, 2017

For many real estate agents, the option of investment can look very daunting. How can we make it easier? What skills do we need to recognize a good deal when we see one, and how much effort goes into maintaining your investment property? Furthermore, do friends make good business partners? Join us for an exciting chat with Michael Zonin and Marc Aschoff and learn how to get started in investment.


Takeaways + Tactics

Consider the ROI threshold and make it a combination of risk and reward.

Sometimes profit comes when you least expect it. Even if a property doesn't look like it's worth it, consider investing - it may pay off.

When you work with partners, don't step on each other's toes. Work together towards success.



We started off the episode with Marc and Michael telling us a bit about their background. Then they went on to explain their shared housing concept and how it's worked in their community. Michael and Marc also explained how their profit works and how much they need to earn to break even. Afterwards, they shared the most common issues they encounter with properties, maintenance-wise. Michael and Marc also told the story of how they bought a cheap property, which, with appropriate maintenance and selling, rented at a great price. They also gave advice on moving on after bad deals and not thinking too hard about them. Michael and Marc had to then go because they were on location, but afterwards we discussed other successful examples of investment properties we'd encountered in our careers. At the end of the show, Greg shared a recent mean message he received.


We also talked about;

  • Challenges involved with renting out a big property
  • Advice about good upkeep and maintenance
  • How to find your next investment deal
  • What makes a price too good to be true
  • The acceptable ROI threshold
  • Getting over your bad deals and moving on
  • The importance of knowing what you're looking for in a property



Investment can really help you boost your profits in ways you haven't even imagined. The first step with any investment is to be familiar with the area you're trading in. You need to be able to recognize what a good price and location is, and to be able to assess a property in terms of its potential for profit and risk. If you come across a house, where your maintenance will go over the value of the house itself, it's probably best to look elsewhere. Sometimes potential can come from unexpected places, however when you're just starting off it's always a good idea to play it safe and choose something you know will come back to you with good profit.



Guest Bios -


Marc Aschoff grew up 25 minutes from Manhattan, and then went off to the University of Pittsburgh. After Graduating Marc knew he wanted to return to the NYC area. At that point he starting working full time in the financial services industry. While doing that, Marc invested in a number of properties on the side which is where he had the opportunity to learn about real estate. Eventually that hobby turned into a full time career. Marc also had the opportunity to be interviewed by the New York Times for some of the work he was doing with real estate in New Jersey.


Michael Zonin is currently working full-time as a Geotechnical Engineer in Manhattan. His passion for real estate investing has persuaded him to start investing. Most of his latest deals are being used as long-term rentals. A year ago, he decided to branch off from buy-and-holds and pursue fix-and-flips. Michael is currently looking for fix-and-flips in northern New Jersey.


Marc and Michael also own a beverage company, Tribeca Beverage, and are the hosts of the Millenial Flips podcast. Find out more about Millenial Flips at

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Jul 30, 2017

Changing directions in your life can always be very intimidating process. How do you make it easier? What's the importance of consistency and embracing your failure? And why should you value even the smallest things in life? Join us for an inspiring talk with motivational speaker Lane Ethridge about finding the drive to succeed, how helping others helps you and so much more.

Takeaways + Tactics

Gratitude is the #1 thing that will overcome fear of rejection or cold-calling.

Work on 1 new stream of passive income each year.

If you're not overwhelmed, you're underperforming.


We started off with Lane telling us a bit about his background and his development as an entrepreneur. Lane explained how he got started with real estate investment and his experience with coaching. He then shared the best books he followed and the mindset he adopted on his way to success. Afterwards, Lane talked about how the DRIVE acronym relates to passive-aggressiveness and some common sales techniques. He also mentioned the importance of striving to outperform even yourself but then leaving everything behind when you go to sleep. We also mentioned how getting doors slammed in your face can increase your determination. We moved on to talk about non-negotiables and how knowing what isn't an option for you can really help you with your future plan. Greg, Matt and Lane all shared their non-negotiables as well. Lane then explained how Changing Lanes came to be and how being fired six times helped him build his own business. Lane also mentioned the importance of consistency. Then, with a personal story, Lane showcased how helping others can make you more successful. Finally, we stressed how important life is and how making the most of it should be a top priority for everyone.

We also discussed;

  • Being clear and specific about your goals
  • Following the DRIVE to success
  • Learning network marketing to make profit
  • The three-step pattern - impossible, improbable, inevitable
  • Regarding sales as relationships
  • Honoring your mentors by producing great results
  • The significance of the number seven
  • Making the best of bad days and seeing the other side of the coin



Before you start on a new journey, make sure to always clear up your goals and ideas. Without a direction, you'll end up getting nowhere. Find what makes YOU and your vision of the future unique and see how that's best utilized. Sometimes that's not in the job you are in right now - it does take courage to pick up something new, however if you find that courage, the benefits you reap will be worth the failures and the closed doors along the way. Finally, take notice of the people around you. There will be great mentors along the way - listen to their advice and honor it by producing the best results, because then it will be an achievement for them as well. Value human life and talk to those around you openly and honestly. You never know when it might be a case of saving someone's life. Think about yourself too. Find something to be grateful for every day that will give you the motivation and strength to carry on even in the darkest of times.


Guest Bio- Lane Ethridge is the founder of Changing Lanes International, a 4X National Bestselling author, transformational speaker, professional sales trainer and innovative entrepreneur, Lane helps committed entrepreneurs accelerate their success. He is a phenomenal visionary as a creative marketing and speaker trainer. He founded Changing Lanes International, a business around empowering entrepreneurs to maximize their gifts and skills to drive their business forward. Lane excels as a premier coaching leader, personal coach and mentor for his clients. Find out more about Lane and Changing Lanes

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Jul 29, 2017

A good real estate agent relies on the relationships he or she builds in their community. What's the key to building up your reputation? How can the implementation of systems make your job a lot easier? And why should we think about our weaknesses to start appreciating our strengths? In this episode, Darryl Baskin talks us through his winning strategies for building and maintaining strong systems, great tactics for lead generation, and much more.

Takeaways + Tactics

Start by building relationships with people with an 8x8 touch campaign.


Step back and ask yourself, "Where is the bottleneck in my business?"


Think long-term from the very first day in the business.


Ask yourself how you can turn something you do into a system at least once a week.


We started with Darryl sharing some of his background, as well as his passion for helping children in foster care. Then Gene Volpe joined us with his tips of the week - Snapchat advertising and SlyDial. Greg warned to not use SlyDial or SlyBroadcast for prospecting, as you can be fined. Afterwards, Darryl talked about why he joined eXp and why he values the flexibility they have given him. Darryl also mentioned how his disheartening beginning in real estate was turned around after he built up some of his reputation. Then we talked about Darryl's motivation of getting into TV and radio. Darryl pointed out how important it is to know what your bottleneck is and being honest with yourself. Then we mentioned that delegating tasks could help you stand out with your own skills. Darryl explained how he manages with his busy schedule and the hard work that goes into building a system. Finally, Darryl talked about one of his favorite tools - Text Expander - the positive change it's affected on his work and how it can help with foreclosures as well.

We also discussed;

  • Benefits of flexibility in real estate work
  • Lead generation tips for new agents
  • Self-branding on the way to credibility
  • Dealing with customers who wouldn't accept your advice
  • The lack of middle ground in lead generation
  • Why open houses can lose their appeal
  • How life experiences can shape your business outlook


Systems can be a very daunting prospect for new agents, who are just finding their expertise in the field. You don't have to focus on making your systems complicated and technologically advanced. Start small and put your own authentic ideas into them and, sooner or later, they will turn into something you can do in your sleep. All beginnings are hard and you need to be prepared for the eventuality of failure on your first prospecting sessions. Remain consistent and always find ways to innovate your lead generation strategies - rely on good coaching to do this. This will help you build up your reputation and make your job a lot easier for the future. Finally, use all the tools available to you. Find some new ones, too, and make them work for you and your business. Don't be afraid of starting something new, because innovation is the most important step on the path to success.



Guest Bio- Darryl Baskin has been a realtor for almost thirty years. He's the host of The Future of Real Estate radio and television programs. Darryl is the state broker for eXp Realty and also operates The Baskin Real Estate Specialists with eXp Realty personally closing in excess of $20 million each year in annual sales in the Tulsa metropolitan area. His innovative marketing approach specializes in high-tech efficiency and high-touch service of convenience for his clients. Darryl is also a passionate fosterer and has 8 children. Find out more about Darryl on

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